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I want to move my Cases object records from Salesforce to Oracle. Can any one let me know how to implement this. Also, if i am moving, I need to move the attachments too which are in each of the records in cases object.
Hi All ,

I'm getting 'Web service callout failed: WebService returned a SOAP Fault: BEA-380000: Internal Server Error faultcode=soapenv:Server faultactor=' error when invoking the external webservice using SOAP based integration.

can anyone give us a solution for solving this issue.

Nagendra A

Hello all,
I am new to Salesforce and am currently trying to use the Bulk API to import data into my salesforce instance.
I have a custom object named Portal with an external id (ep_portal_id). Each portal object has a lookup relationship with an Account object. I have made a ep_partner_id field as an external id to the Account object.

So far I have successfully upsert portal objects with a reference to an Account object using the Account's salesforce object id (I am using the Bulk Example Java code from the Bulk API doc). Instead, I would like to upsert a Portal with a reference to the Account by using the Account's external id (ep_partner_id). I played around with the Data Loader and found out the syntax that works is like this in my CSV file:

333,222,"Floral Elegance"


However using the same CSV file when doing an upsert via Bulk API, Eclipse complains with: "stateMessage='InvalidBatch : Field name not found : Account__r:ep_partner_id__c'"


Does anyone know the correct syntax to use in my CSV file so that the Bulk API can do the upsert on updating a reference to an Account on my Portal object using the Account's external id?

Much thanks in advance!




I am trying to set up a workflow email alert to be send to the owner of the record 7 days before the Due Date (date/time field ) if the picklist value Attending__c is not equals  to "Yes"


Thank you



  • September 06, 2012
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After trying to execute the "webServiceName" web service below, I get this error:

ERROR: ........... {faultcode:'soapenv:Client', faultstring:'No service available for class 'MyClass'', }


Here's my button code:



var args = {

function callback(result) { location.href=result.pagereference; }

var result = sforce.apex.execute('MyClass', 'webServiceName', args, callback);




Here's my service code:


global with sharing class MyClass
webservice static wsResult webServiceName(String objId, String[] childIds) {
// Do stuff...

wsResult result = new wsResult();
result.pagereference = pr.getUrl();
result.success = true;
result.errorCode = 0;
result.errorMsg = '';
return result;

global class wsResult {
webservice string pagereference;
webservice boolean success;
webservice Integer errorCode;
webservice String errorMsg;

public wsResult() {}

public wsResult(string url, boolean result, Integer code, String msg) {
this.pagereference = url;
this.success = result;
this.errorCode = code;
this.errorMsg = msg;


 I looked in my Enterprise WSDL, and couldn't find my service -- but I'm a complete novice with WSDLs...



 Thanks in advance!