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In console, I have three different pages which loads in different frames/component. I have to make a callout to get contact information which is required on all three pages when the contact is loading or console is loading. I dont want to make three different callouts & I dont want to store that information in cloud. I just need for runtime. I know I can use fireEvents & eventListener to fetch data from other pages but that would be performance problem/time consuming when the page is loading. I am aware about Platform Cache which is an extra cose. Is there any other solution.

We have used cookies alot for our service cloud solution in console. I would like to understand how Platform cache is different then cookies & since its for complete session then we can access it in different frames in console.

Thank in advance!!
Can someone please provide information on salesforce developer 1 exam?
such as Link for mock test, even websites that sells peactice tests? OR what should I search on web for (e.g., mock test for force.com developer or mock test for force.com advance developer?)
I would really apprecite some advice. Thank You.
I've detail page button (content source: Javascript), on Account detail page. Upon click of this button, data on Account will be sent to an inhouse application. Requirement is to show a progress bar upon the button click showing the progress of the data sent.

To summarize-

I'd like to know how can I show progress bar (animated image) with the statuses of integration completed.

For example:

Integration1 in progress..
Integration1 completed..

Integration2 in progress
Integration2 completed.

Any pointers on how to implement this is much appreciated..
Hello! I'm trying to use an apex trigger to update the starttime of an event.  I have a visualflow intake form that creates an event on a future date based on the information provided. The event is created in GMT and after scouring the interwebs and piecing code/ideas together I think I am making progress, but now I'm getting an error Line 20: Variable does not exist: time.
Would greatly appreciate if you'd take a look and provide input/assistance. 
trigger FindTime on Event (before insert) {
//If type is "call" Pull event startdatetime
//Pull month from startdatetime

//Event Months during daylight savings add 6hrs
//Event Month after daylight savings add 5 hrs
//Event Months before daylight savings add 5 hrs

//Event Month of March, check which week event date falls in and add 6 hrs if in or after the 3rd week of the month; otherwise add 5hrs.
//Event Month of November, check which week event date falls in and add 5 hrs if in or after the 2rd week of the month; otherwise add 6hrs.

//Setting up trigger info
    Public Date mydate{get;set;}
    Public Time mytime{get;set;}
    for (Event id: trigger.new){
        if(id.type =='Call'){
            DateTime dT = id.startdatetime;
            myDate = date.newinstance(dT.year(), dT.month(), dT.day());
            mytime = time.newinstance(dT.hour(), dT.minute(), dT.second());
            Integer WeekOfMonth = Math.ceil((Double)(id.startdatetime().Day()) / 7).intValue();               

//if Month is greater than 3 and less than 11
            If(dt.month() >3){
                //following code is if month = 12 (because the 2nd if above returned false)
                // following code is when the first IF returns false
            } //closing bracket on first set of if's

//starting IF set for dates in March
            else If (dt.month = 3){
                If(weekofmonth >= 3){
                    //if week of month is greater than or equal to 3 (meaning into the 3rd week, meaning after the 2nd weekend) then DST is in effect; add 6 hrs
//starting Else set for dates in November
            Else //last option is for event to be in november
                If (weekofmonth >= 2){
                 //meaning it's in the 2nd week or after the first weekend