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I'm writing a trigger that will:

Every time a new contact is created, of Record Type 'Consumer', I want to create a corresponding record in the master-detail custom object Compliance2__c.  The only field that needs to be passed is the lookup value.  The other fields on Compiance2__c are formulas.  
The error I'm getting is: "Error: Compile Error: unexpected token: 'for' at line 5 column 4"

My code is:
trigger createCompliance on Contact (after insert) {
    List <Compliance2__c> compToInsert = new List <Compliance2__c>
    for (Contact c : Trigger.new) {
        //check if this is a Consumer being created
        if (c.RecordType.Name = 'Consumer') {
            //create a new Compliance for each new Consumer
            Compliance2__c i = new Compliance2__c ();
            i.Consumer__c = c.Id;
            //add to the list of Compliances to insert
        } //end if
    } //end for c
    //after loop, insert new Compliances
    insert complianceToInsert;  

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you!
Hi ,I created trigger annd class in Eclipse and I wanted to test it in the saleforce UI.When I try to save Class in Eclipes.On the first line of code ,I see an x  red color checkbox which says

Multiple Markets at this line-
                                  -------------------File only saved locally,Not to the server

                                                                   --------------------------- save erro:-enitity is not org accessible.

The below given line is the first line and It gives me an error on this line,Saying 

Multiple Markets at this line-
                                  -------------------File only saved locally,Not to the server

                                                                   --------------------------- save erro:-enitity is not org accessible.

public class Reservation

Can somebody please help how to get rid of this error so that its gets saved to the salesforce from eclipse.?

Hi Fellow Developers,

I have created a visualforce page which I'm rendering as PDF. The page header looks like this:

<apex:page Standardcontroller="Opportunity" extensions="RFController" standardStylesheets="False" showHeader="False" sidebar="False" cache="True" renderAs="PDF" docType="html-5.0" contentType="application/pdf">

The page displays perfectly in the standard Salesforce org.

However if I try to display the same page in the the Salesforce1 App by calling the page from a custom button on Opportunity with content source set as the Visualforce page, the page doesn't render and the animated circular fetch gif keeps moving. Screenshot below:

User-added image

The page never loads. 

Additional Info: I also tried the same thing by creating an empty Visualforce page, with renderAs="PDF" but to no avail.

I also noticed when I press the back arrow on the app, the pdf shows for a fraction of a second and the view shifts back to the Opportunity record.

Please help out if anyone has a clue about this. Thank you very much

Hi All,

I am working on the case trigger which will update an acount object.I just started and got the folowing error.Can somebody help?
In the below given code I am assigning accountid to the map and along with the acocuntid I am trying to the add the complete record in map.However,When I
do that I get the following error.I want to use map here so I will appreciate if somebody can correct this error.I do not want ot use set or list here.

Method does not exist or incorrect signature: [MAP<String,Case>].add(Id, SOBJECT:Case) at line 7 column 18

Trigger UpaatingPicklist on Case (After insert,after update)
    Map<String,case> cap=new Map<String,case>();
        for(case c:trigger.new)