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I was working with case object in the service cloud, where when a email is sent on the help email address configured with the Service model a case is created 
Hence the attachments are also added with them, For these attachments to enable preview and Search on the content i wrote a trigger which adds these attachments in the Chatter File 

The trigger is:

trigger AttachFileToCaseFeed on Attachment (after insert) {     
    ID caseId;   
    list<FeedItem> listOfFeedFiles = new List<FeedItem>();   
        for(Attachment attachment : trigger.new){ 
           string checkIfCase = string.valueof(attachment.ParentId); 
                caseId = attachment.ParentId; 
                system.debug('Parent ID'+ caseId);
                FeedItem post = new FeedItem(); 
                post.ParentId = caseId; //eg. Opportunity id, custom object id.. 
                post.Body = 'Attachment added'; 
                post.Type = 'ContentPost'; 
                post.ContentData = attachment.body;  
                post.ContentFileName = attachment.Name; 
                post.Title = attachment.Name; 
        insert listOfFeedFiles;  

This trigger is working fine and i can search values on the incomming attachments but the issue is 
comming when i try to search some numeric values which are present in xlsx file in a cloumn.

It do not work with it where as on the same file the text values are search 

for example if I search 25452656554 there is no result.

but with TEST8456589, 887687, i search and this value is stored as reloadTEST8456589 in the same file on any other column, it populate the search result for the documents.

Hence my question is why i can't perform search on numeric column, 
Any Body has any Idea.

Urgent Help Needed.

i have one requirement regarding avoid duplicates of products in salesforce.i.e,any new Product with same info like Name,Productcode matches with existing product record,the old one can be deleted and new one will be inserted.

can any one suggest me how to achieve this....
how to update record in Lead using java program??



I have created a service cloud console app. By default, Global search is enabled for the Particular app. Thorugh the Service cloud console 'Global Search', A user can view all the cases, eventhogh the not having privileges to see the cases in Profile. I need the following to be done, A user should not see the cases which are not related to his/her. If user is not enabled for a particular record type 'A' in his Profile, user should not see the case which are under the record type 'A' through Global search. 


Please help me to find a solution.


Thanks in advance