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Could u please help me in the following scnearios - 

1. I have a vf page which displays list of cases with a picklist in each row and a save button. I want when i press save button it will save the record and redirect me to the same page. 

Currently i am not using any custom controller  and the save button after click is re-directing to home page.
I'm using SFDC as an identity provider for a SAML logon to a WordPress site. As of now, each time a user closes his browser they have to log back in. Is there any way of setting a cookie so that they remain in a logged in status for a longer period of time?
Can anyone tell me the working process for sales objects in salesforce
Thanks in advance
I've set up a subdomain of my company's domain (knowledge.mycompany.com) to point to 'mycompany.force.com.' using a CNAME record. However, when I attempt to access the subdomain url in a browser, I'm redirected to the salesforce login page. Any suggestions on what I might have done wrong, or how to fix it?

I tried contacting SF tech support, and they said the wouldn't help because I wasn't a "premium customer" and should therefore come here. Nice.
I am using the non-profit edition of SalesForce. It is not linked to when I click on the + to show all labels. I realize I can work with Sites from scratch in my developer section, but I am specifically looking to use the Studio tool.

How to create web site on Salesforce like this domain..
force.mydomain.com Ex:(force.bispmy.com)

If is it possible,

Please any help me how do this..




The below part of code in SFSmartStorePlugin is not executing in iOS salesforce SDK.

SDK Version: 1.4



exec(SDK_VERSION, successCB, errorCB, SERVICE,
             [{"soupName": soupName, "querySpec": querySpec}]
  • September 11, 2013
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We are planning to create an Ecommerce site by using force.com site


1) How many authenticated user allowed in the customer portal. Around 1000 users required for my Ecommerce site

2) I don’t required more than one user licence for Foce.com login.


Anyone can help me what would be the cost or which license have to go ?



Our client is looking for a consolidated Search page for end users, whereby User can query once and implementation should search SFDC entire org for matching records.


Search should encompass below :

1. Documents (full text search inside document content)

2. Chatter files (full text search inside file content)

3. Content documents (full text search inside document content)

4. Chatter feed

5. SFDC entities (account, contact etc)

6. Any Static Visualforce pages defined within the org (like any other web site which has a site page containing some key information)


The benefit is that -

1. No need to go to different tabs to do document search (chatter file, Content tab, Document tab, SFDC global search). and User can run search from a single place.


2. Whole search and results display can be customized to present information in a consistent and user friendly manner in line with industry standards (Google search results).


Does anyone have any recommendation about leveraging Visualforce/Apex to develop this universal search page in SFDC?

Any limitation esp. - 2 which come to mind



(i) With VF, how can we perform full text document content searches? I guess it is possible in standard SFDC (search within Chatter file, Content tabs).

(ii) Can we do a search on Visualforce page content itself and show this in results?

(iii) Any AppExchange solutions which can help with this requirement?


Appreciate recommendations and how can we satisfy all requirements using Visualforce approach.









  • March 01, 2012
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Hi All ,
I have an issue . Let me explain the problem.
I am sharing A custom object Record through before trigger . And the Object is OWD Private.

I am changing record owner as System Administrator who ever insert the record .
User u = [select Id from User where Profile.Name='System Administrator' Limit 1];
for(Project__c p : trigger.new){
p.ownerId = U.Id;
Now let say any of the user insert the Project__c records trigger will change the owner.
Once owner is change as System Admin. This user can not share this recod with other users because OWD is private.

The User who insert this record do not have privelage to share the record.

Now suggest me how to share these records in sigle trigger script.



Hi All,


 Can anyone please help me out about this error.

 I am enabling the NewUser feature in my site. And while registering I am getting this error.I am also recieving

       One Email by saying that  "accountId parameter value is not valid "





Message Edited by Brijesh_85 on 02-26-2009 03:58 AM
Here's my use case for a sites app:

1. Send an email out to Contacts via sf.com
2. Include a "manage my subscriptions" link in the email that has the contact id in it
3. End user clicks on that URL and lands on a sites page
4. End user is asked to enter the email address for which they want to modify subscriptions.
5. If the email they enter matches the email on the contact record, the can
6. change some settings on their contact record and hit save to commit them

I had this working in the authenticated view, but can't get sites to allow me to modify contact records as a public user. I can see why sf.com might not want to allow that. But I also don't want to make a person authenticate for this task.

So I changed things to allow the user to create a custom object that manages the subscription, and then I have a trigger on that object to update the contact record with the changes. So in effect, they are modifying the contact, but with a custom object and a trigger in between.

However, Sites won't let me do this unauthenticated. The checkboxes on my custom object don't show on the vf page. I don't get "authorization required" but the fields just aren't there.

Is Sites seeing my trigger and disallowing my public user because it knows I am going to update a Contact? Or am I screwing things up in a different way?

Here is the page:
<apex:page Controller="ext_contact_subscriptions" showHeader="False" title="Manage Your Subscriptions" >
<!-- Begin Default Content REMOVE THIS -->
<div style="margin:10px">
<h1>Manage your Subscriptions</h1>
<p>Check what you want to receive from us!</p>
<apex:form >
 <apex:outputPanel id="emailLogin" layout="block" style="margin-left:10px;"> 
  <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!AND(NOT(emailVerified),NOT(success))}" >
   <apex:outputText value="Your email:"/>
   <apex:inputText value="{!enteredEmail}" />
   <apex:commandButton value="submit" action="{!validateEmail}" rerender="emailLogin,subscriptions"/>
  <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!validationError}" layout="block">
   <apex:outputText style="color:#ff0000;" value="That email did not match this subscription. Try another email address."/>
 <apex:outputPanel id="subscriptions" layout="block" style="margin-left:10px;">
  <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!AND(emailVerified,NOT(success))}">
   <h2>Change your Email if you Wish</h2>
   <apex:outputText value="Your Email: " style="margin-left:10px;"/> <apex:inputField value="{!subscription.Email__c}" /><br/><br/>
   <h2>Your Subscriptions</h2>
   <apex:inputField value="{!subscription.Monthly_eNewsletter__c}" /> <apex:outputText value="eNewsletter"/>
   <apex:outputText style="color:#666666;margin-left:10px;" value="Receive our monthly newsletter."/><br/><br/>
   <apex:inputField value="{!subscription.Action_Alerts__c}" /> <apex:outputText value="Action Alerts"/>
   <apex:outputText style="color:#666666;margin-left:10px;" value="Receive our periodic notifications about actions."/><br/><br/>
   <apex:commandButton action="{!save}" value="Save" rerender="emailLogin,subscriptions,success"/>
 <apex:outputPanel id="success" layout="block" style="margin-left:10px;">
  <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!success}">
   <apex:outputText style="color:#666666;margin-left:10px;" value="Thanks for submitting your changes! They will go into effect immediately."/>
 <!--figure out redirect-->


Here is the controller:

public class ext_contact_subscriptions {
 public Contact contact = new Contact();
 public Boolean emailVerified   { get; set; }
 public String enteredEmail    { get; set; }
 public Boolean success     { get; set; }
 public Boolean validationError   { get; set; }
 public string msg       { get; set; }
 public Subscription__c subscription { get {return subscription;} set {subscription = value;} }
 public ext_contact_subscriptions() {
        contact = [select id, email,Monthly_eNewsletter__c, Action_Alerts__c from contact where id = :ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id')];
        emailVerified = false;
        validationError = false;
        success = false;
        subscription = new Subscription__c();
        subscription.Contact__c = contact.Id;
        subscription.Email__c = contact.Email;
        subscription.Monthly_eNewsletter__c = contact.Monthly_eNewsletter__c;
        subscription.Action_Alerts__c = contact.Action_Alerts__c;
    public PageReference validateEmail() {
     //contact.email = 'steve@test.com';
     if (enteredEmail == contact.email) {
      emailVerified = true;
      validationError = false;
     } else {
      validationError = true; 
     return null; 
    public PageReference save() {
     try {
        // update contact;
       // subscription.contact__c = contact.Id;
     //   subscription.email__c = contact.email;
      //  subscription.Monthly_eNewsletter__c = contact.Monthly_eNewsletter__c;
      //  subscription.Action_Alerts__c = contact.Action_Alerts__c;
        insert subscription;
         success = true;
        } catch (exception e) { 
         msg = e.getMessage(); 
     return null; 

 and here is the trigger:

trigger subscription_to_contact on subscription__c (after insert) {
 Map<Id,subscription__c> subsToKill = new Map<Id,subscription__c>();
 List<Contact> contactsToProcess = new List<Contact>();
 for (subscription__c sub : Trigger.new) {
  Contact contact = new Contact (    
   Email = sub.email__c,
   Action_Alerts__c = sub.Action_Alerts__c,
   Monthly_eNewsletter__c = sub.Monthly_eNewsletter__c
  try {
   update contactsToProcess;  
   //delete subsToKill.values();
        } catch (exception e) { 

 Thanks much!



(If there's a better place to post this question, please let me know. Thx.)

I'm trying to figure out how to enable my new Winter 09 Developer Edition Org for Sites Developer Preview. I'm following the directions in Tutorial #8, Create a Public Web Page Using Force.com Sites (http://www.adnsandbox.com/df08/workbook-sites.pdf):

Step 1: Enable your Developer Edition Organization for Sites Developer Preview

Force.com Sites is currently in developer preview. As such, functionality is subject to change.

To enable your Developer Edition organization for Sites Developer Preview:

1. Open a browser and navigate to http://developer.force.com/sitespreview.
2. Fill out the new member form or use the existing member shortcut.

In a few moments, Force.com Sites will be enabled for your Developer Edition organization.
You can verify that Force.com Sites has been enabled for your Developer Edition organization by clicking Setup➤Develop.
You should see the link for Sites.

When I go to http://developer.force.com/sitespreview, I get a page where I can register for the webinar using the existing member shortcut, which I've done. However, there's nothing that refers to enabling Sites for my Developer Edition org. I've waited at least 15 minutes since registering (more than the "few moments" that the tutorial says), and when I go to Setup / Develop, I don't see the link for Sites.

How do I enable Force.com Sites in my Developer Edition org?