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Hello Everyone,

We are creating a product that should work very much like the "LiveAgent" . We want to implement a functionality to open multiple primary tabs from a visualforce page created as a custom Service cloud console. In the visualforce page, we have different sections with the "Accept" Button much like the one you see in a LiveAgent during which we are running into an issue with the Service cloud openPrimaryTab API method. I have placed a simple visualforce page in a custom console component and am opening the multiple primary tabs using the below API from service console integration tool kit.

“ sforce.console.openPrimaryTab(null, '/apex/LiveText?id='+recordId, true, 'Chat-'+recordId, openSuccess, 'salesforceTab’); “

The tab opens fine the first time, but from the next time (i.e., when I click on Accept button for the second time) , Since the URL (apex/LiveText) being provided to the openPrimaryTab API is the same (Note: I tried to make the url different by passing the record id, but it does not work), it is rendering the second/ new tab in the existing primary tab.

We have also tried to generate a URL (https://na17.salesforce.com/console#/apex/LiveText?id=a00o0000001DjEzAAK|/001/e|/003/e|/500/e|/00Q/e) with the primary and sub tabs together and tried to open with the Window.open and still the result is same. It just renders the new tabs in the existing open primary tabs.

We have seen this behavior when we open a case record. If a new tab is opened with the case, while there is a tab open with the same case record, instead of opening a new tab, it just renders in the existing tab but not sure if this is the same behavior we should expect with the visualforce pages?

Did anyone run into this issue before and if Yes, how can we resolve it.

*** Opening multiple sub-tabs works fine, but the issue persists with the primary tabs.

Prudhvi Kanteti