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I got this error while completing the last topic

User-added image

As you can see here below, I used the correct report type (top left corner). All the rest works as well.

User-added image
I have a client that is wanting to use Salesforce forms and wants to know if it is required to use a "thank-you" page with the Salesforce forms.
I am using process builder to invoke apex for Lead assignment as explained in the below link:


Issue is Emails aren’t being sent to the assigned users.
Please help...
where i m lacking...
Hi , 
I have integration in salesforce with a site named SEA.
For some of the records , Ids in sandbox arenot  same as that in production. Hence, when  i try to change standard field "owner (Lookup to User Object)"  and a custom field "owner1__c (Lookup to User Object) " in account object an error is thrown  saying :--
Account {"Party_Sea_ID__c":8590,"Customer_Number__c":"C3235","Name":"Testing Sales Force ","DBA_Name__c":"Testing Sales Force ","OwnerId":"00528000005HQRPAA4","owner1__c":"00528000005HQRUAA4","Default_Currency__c":"US DOLLARS","Industry":"Jewelry","Business_Type__c":"JEWELLERY","No_of_Doors__c":4,"NumberOfEmployees":6,"Store_Size__c":6543,"Contact_Person__c":"Oliver","Rolex_Dealer__c":"Yes","Status__c":0,"Territory__c":"NYC","Sales_Code__c":"ASSET AND MEMO","RecordTypeId":"01228000000QbiM","Asset_Credit_Limit__c":0,"Memo_Credit_Limit__c":0,"Outstanding_A_R_Balance__c":0,"Outstanding_Memo_Balance__c":0,"BillingStreet":"101 Beckhem Drive,Lane Street,NEW YORK - 12345 , NEW YORK , USA","BillingCity":"NEW YORK","BillingState":"NEW YORK","BillingCountry":"USA","BillingPostalCode":"12345","Phone":"1234567890","Email__c":"Noemail@email.com"} insufficient access rights on cross-reference id: 00528000005HQ

This  error occurs due to the mismatched IDs. So I want to ask is there any way to change Ids in sandbox and make them equal to Ids in Production?

Harshada Kadu
Hi All- I am looking for 5 Sr. Sales force developers, 1 Technical Architect and 1 Salesforce BA for a 3 year contract . Can you please share the right contacts to sri@blueyesoft.com / 937-581-7110 .Location Charlotte NC
How do I create a product?  

I read over this tutorial: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/modules/sales_admin_products_quotes_contracts/units/sales_admin_products_quotes_contracts_unit_1

It shows me how to create product books but when I create a new produt it's not giving me the option to add a price to it.  
I am currently logged into the Trailhead Playground and attempting to complete a challenge but I keep receiving an error message: "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Account Manager' contact role for 'Acme Corporation' could not be found or it is not set to the current user. Please also make sure you've enabled Account Teams and have added yourself to the Account Team."

I have followed the steps according to the directions provided but have not been succesful. Please help!
I am working through the "Admin Beginner > Lightning Experience Customization > Set Up Your Org" trail. I followed all the inscructions, but the validation seems to be failing. The error I am getting is : "Could not find the 'Audit_Notes__c' field on the custom object named 'Energy_Audit__c'."
As you can see from the image below, my object does have that custom field. 

Any help would be great,

User-added imageUser-added image

Can someone help me how to export the data through workbench after querying?  



It appears that all of my fields are correct, yet I cannot get past this challenge due to the error that I keep getting, in the subject line.  Is anyone able to see where I am mistaken?  Thanks in advance, for anyone's kind assistance!

Error Message:  "Could not find the 'Camping_Item__c' custom object with the correct fields."
Link to Exercise:  https://trailhead.salesforce.com/lex_dev_lc_basics/lex_dev_lc_basics_prereqs
Screen Shot:
User-added image


I'm trying to get the step -2 and while running the supplied Apex Test, 
Getting below error 

Method NamehugYourMother
Error MessageSystem.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject
Stack TraceClass.sb_security.BeAwesome.createUser: line 89, column 1
Class.sb_security.BeAwesome.setup: line 81, column 1

I have created the records owned by Samantha as mentioned and also created sharing rule for Project managers.
Can someone please help ?
I have user who uses the contact record instead of the account to create opportunities.  When he does, the contact information is automatically available, However the Account information is not and it has to be looked up to enter it.  Is there a way to automate this so that the account info automatically fills in?
We want to include the data from Opportunity Splits into a custom object called "NBR" (stands for new business request).  Is there a way to add the data from each Opportunity Splits field and incorporate it into the NBR record.  Note the NBR is in a Master-Detail relationship with the Opportunity object.  The NBR is used by sales personnel to request payment of commissions, which should include the Opportunity Splits data.
I attempted to complete the first challenge, create a "Garage" app and once I hit create I received an error message that advised that my org. had reached the app limit, which is "1", since I created the Charitable app.  How does one complete the challenge?