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Hi All, 
I have started learning Einstein Analytics recently, I want to create a new Dataflow in Analytics studio. I searched all the options and tabs but did not find create option for Dataflow, please help me out with this.

I am trying to generate the Session Id through Developer console, but i getting "USER_DEBUG [1]|DEBUG|--SESSION_ID_REMOVED" message.

Before it was working fine with below same line of code


Please let me know what is the issue, why now i can't able to generate the Session id.

Thanks in advance

I'm following the example shown on Peter Knolle's post here: https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/developer-relations/2015/03/lightning-component-framework-custom-events.html

When creating the contactSearch Component, I'm getting the following error:

"Failed to save undefined: No CONTROLLER named apex://mynamespace.ContactSearchController found: Source"

I'm not sure what I've missing - any thoughts?
Trailhead Module 3:  Create a formula field that determines the number of days between today and the last activity date for a case's account.
Your support team has asked for improved visibility on account activity level at the time they’re helping with customer issues. Specifically, when they’re looking at a case, they’d like to see an at-a-glance view of the number of days since the case’s related account was last active. Create the formula using these requirements.The formula should be on the Case object.
The formula should be of return type Number.
The formula should be named 'Days Since Last Update' and have a resulting API Name of 'Days_Since_Last_Update__c'.
The formula should return the number of days between the account’s Last Activity Date and today.

I created the following:

I created a new custom formula field with return type number and called Days Since Last Update.
I created this formula: Account.LastActivityDate - TODAY()

I get this error message:

Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Days_Since_Last_Update__c' formula field did not return the correct number of days between an Account’s Last Activity Date and today

Can you please assist what I did wrong?  I'm not sure if my formula is even correct with the challenge.  Please help!

Thank you.
It's a basic question. How to rename Lightning component once created?  I couldn't find any menu on Devloper console and any buttons on Setup|Develop|Lightning Components. Is it necessary to delete and create new one with new name?
I am having issues saving the following Lightning component as part of the Using Apex in Components:

-Given an existing Apex class that can be found here, create a component that displays the case's subject, description and status.The component must be named 'DisplayCase'.
-The component must refer to the 'DisplayCaseController' Apex class. Copy and paste that class into your Developer Edition using the Developer Console.
-The component must have an attribute named 'record' to hold the Case record.
-The component must display the Subject, Description, and Status values of the 'record' attribute.
-The client-side controller for the component must bind to the 'getCaseFromId' method of the Apex controller to fetch the value of a Case record.
-Note that while the Apex class accepts a null and returns a default case, there are various ways to hand the ID to the controller.

Failed to save undefined: No ATTRIBUTE named label found: Source

<aura:component Controller="DisplayCaseController">
    <aura:attribute name="record" type="Case[]"/>
    <ui:button label="Get Cases" press="{!c.getCaseFromId}"/>
    <ui:outputText Label="Case Subject:" value="{!case.Subject}"/><br/>
    <ui:outputText Label="Case Description:" value="{!case.Description}"/><br/>
    <ui:outputText Label="Case Status:" value="{!case.Status}"/><br/>

I'm not sure what the issue is. Help...

    getCaseFromId: function(component){
        var action = component.get("c.getCases");
        action.setCallback(this, function(a){
        	component.set("v.record", a.getReturnValue());

hi all,

i have a scenario where in i query an html email template and populate its merge fields in my apex class itself.
however,when i use the sethtmlBody() method,it renders an empty email.
So i have to comment the sethtmlbody() and go with setplaintextbody().

What can be the reason for this?
Also how do i use the setHtmlBody() along with setplainTextBody()?

Below is my code
public static void sendingEmail(String cid,String cname,String eventId)
        String plainTxtBody='',startDate='',endDate='',scheduledDate='';
        String hbody='';
        Date sdate;

        //get the email template
        EmailTemplate template=[SELECT HtmlValue,Body FROM EmailTemplate WHERE          DeveloperName='Meeting_Reminder'];
        Event eve=[select subject,StartDateTime,EndDateTime,Owner.name,Owner.Email,Owner.Phone 
                    From Event where Id=:eventId];
        //setting the merge fields
        //Construct the email message
        Messaging.SingleEmailMessage mail=new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
        mail.setSubject('Meeting Reminder');
        Messaging.sendEmail(new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[]{mail});     
Also can anyone explain why do we have to set the plaintextbody() even when the email template is of type html?

Any help is appreciated...