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Hi All,

Need your help to write a trigger which takes the user to attachment from the email (we use email -to case) by clicking on a link on case list view? Is it even possible?

I have writtena trigger to ticka box if the email has any attachement at all but we need to display the link to attachement as well - this will help improve productivity so much
I have brief knowledge on OWD and sharing settings.
Please explain how OWD=Controlled By parent  actually works.
what it can impact?

also say OWD=private / public readonly for account object, if I share set of records using sharing criteria to a group of users will they also have
access to related contact , opportunity & cases records?




I'm trying to write a trigger that will give me the URL to an attachment on a custom object. 
I made a formula text field on a custom object with this formula:

HYPERLINK('/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=' + AttachmentId__c, 'View', '_blank')

But the second step is difficult and I can't seem to get it to work. I want a link of the attachment to display. I want to create a after insert trigger but I can't get it to work.. I hope someone knows a solution for this..

Kind regards

Does anyone know why an email alert triggered from a workflow would not be creating the associated activity history? Emails sent through the interface, through Apex, and through the API are all logged in activity history (when the appropriate information is set). The email alert is set to be sent to the Contact Email (standard) field.