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I am creating a visual force email template and I need to format the dates. At the moment my code looks like:
<p>Date Actual Invoice Required:{!relatedto.Date_Actual_Invoice_Required__c}</P>
<p>Date proforma invoice required: {!relatedto.Date_Actual_Invoice_Required__c} (</P>

The date is in the format Wed Aug 20 00:00:00 GMT 2014.
I would like to Day Month Year format please, can you tell me how to do this?
thanks in advance

I have created a custom object caled RFI and it is linked to Accounts. I am sending out an email template via a visual force email template. When I try and refer to the Customer Name as below I just get its idetifier and when I try and refer to the billing address i get the message error: Unknown property 'String.billingaddress'

 <messaging:emailTemplate subject="NEW RFI" recipientType="User" relatedToType="RFI__c">
<messaging:plainTextEmailBody >
New RFI has Been Created by { !User }
Branch: {!relatedto.Branch__c}
Area For Delivery: {!relatedto.Area_for_Delivery__c}
Contract of Sale Number:{!relatedto.Contract_Of_Sale_Number__c}
Date proforma invoice required: {!relatedto.Date_Proforma_Invoice_Required__c}
Date Actual Invoice Required:{!relatedto.Date_Actual_Invoice_Required__c}
Delivery Date: {!relatedto.Delivery_Date__c}
Order Number: {!relatedto.Order_Number__c}
Customer Name: {!relatedto.Customer__c}
Address: {!relatedto.Customer__c.BillingAddress}

Thanks in advance,

HI I am trying to create a visual force email template to pass the brnach details of an rfi object when created. I am missing something in the code . The object is RFI__c and the field is Branch__c. The line of code I am using is:
Branch: {RFI__c.Branch__c}
However I am not gtetting anything resturned, Am I missing somethiing in the syntax?
Thanks in advance