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Does anybody know where to get a Electric Imp Developer Kit to complete the trail ?

Already emailed trailhead@electricimp.com as advised but no answer yet.
I'm having all sorts of problems trying to complete the challenge for the sharing rules section of this module. I feel like I have everything setup properly but still get this error message:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The Sharing Set is not setup with proper Case access. Please check the requirements.

Sharing set name is "Share cases with customers"
Applies to Profiles: Customer Community User
Access Granted: Case - User:Account = Case:Account - Read/Write

What am I missing

I'm trying to create a Self-Registration page.  When I follow the Trailhead instructions I do not get the Not A Member? link on my reg page (incognito).  Is this a known issue?  I see in the Forms a few others having the same problem but no resolution.  Thanks.


I get that error when I try to save this code.

trigger ExampleTrigger2 on Contact (after insert, after delete) {
    if (Trigger.isInsert) {
        Integer recordCount = Trigger.New.size();
        // Call a utility method from another class
        EmailManager.sendMail('aschor@acmeunited.com', 'Trailhead Trigger Tutorial', 
                    recordCount + ' contact(s) were inserted.');
    else if (Trigger.isDelete) {
        // Process after delete