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I was asked to take a stab at implementing another system with Salesforce which will pull information from Salesforce Opportunity object into their mobile app. Since this is my very first time working with API's, I'm extremely lost on where to start. 

I read bunch of articles and the developer guide to understand the different API's and their use. However, my confusing is on what the first step is, I should be taking.

Problems or task at hand: We are looking at a mobile Timecard application, where users will use the app to login and pull up a Opportunity record (I'm guessing this is just the name of opportunity) and stamp their time to clock in and out of a job. I was provided with their TimeCard SOAP API documentation to take a look at the api's and the library. 

1. What is the first step should I be doing? (If I'm not wrong, I believe we will also be updating few fields on Opportunity after they have entered their time to clock in or out. If not Oppostunity record, then related object to Opportunity) 
2. What questions should I be asking them (the developer from Timecard app)? 
3. Do I write a webservice, generate Apex WSDL and give it to them? (Assuming data needs to go from Salesforce to their system)
4. I don't have any experience in .NET, do I need to? 
5. Why do I need to look at their API documentation? Are they assuming that I will be writing code on their end? Again, going back what should I be asking them? How does this usually work?
6. What do I do with the WSDL file when they give me their, if they do (steps by steps)? 

As you can tell I have never worked with webservices and api's but I think this is a very good opportunity for me to learn hands on and work with it. Even though it is very short amount of time to soak everything up, I am hoping someone will guide me to the right direction. Also, I do not have any mentor or go to person to ask since I'm the solo Salesforce person working here. SO, I will be needing lots of help. Any guidance will be truly appreciated! 

Thank you. 

Hi every one,
I need to create an interface to integrate a serie of Account’ data and Product’s data between Salesforce CRM and one management system.
I would predict 2 bidirectional flow that allow me to align the information from one system to another. For example: I could create a new Account in my management system and replicate a sub set of its data in the Salesforce CRM and viceversa, all in real time.
I think the use of WSs are as indicated.  
Do someone developed such integration? It could give me some useful tip to approach correctly the topic?