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Are there any good examples of using a PDF Parser in Apex?
  • April 18, 2016
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In REST API can you perform oauth either username / password flow OR client ID/client Secret without authenticating at the actual salesforce login page? I am trying to have salesforce authenticate and then do data transactions to my account during the user session (I dont want them to have to authenticate with my credientials or any credientials at all)
Based on this line:
'The OAuth 2.0 JWT bearer token flow defines how a JWT can be used to request an OAuth access token from Salesforce when a client wishes to utilize a previous authorization. Authentication of the authorized application is provided by a digital signature applied to the JWT.'
If I have created a brand new Connected App and uploaded a digital certificate, how is the 'previous authorization' provided before JWT Bearer flow can be used?
Hi All,

DId not find a similar question in the past so here it goes:
We have created a custom clone functionality. What this does is clone the record, empty some fields, update the parents, and then inserts the record in the database. Afterwards the page is redirected to the edit page of the record.

However, the standard Salesforce Edit detail record page has a cancel button. This cancel button just directs to the ?retURL paramters. So it will go back the to detail view. 

Because we performed the clone and we needed to insert this cloned record into the DB before redirecting to the Edit page, the record will not be 'cancelled' in the way of cancellation the entire clone. So the record must be deleted again.

Is there a way to capture the Cancel event? Or to redirect the page to the edit detail view of the record without inserting it into the DB? So then the user can still Click on Save and we have the requisted functionality. 

  • September 11, 2014
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Is there an easy way to customize the standard SF Community Login Page to display a message directing some Commnunity users to the appropriate site?
We just upgraded/migrated our Customer Portal to the new Customer Communities platform (but kept the Customer Portal licenses and did not migrate to new Communities licenses) and now when we create a new Community User the Welcome email is not sending at all - regardless of whether or not you check "Generate new password and notify user immediately" or not - have tried both ways on initial creation and either way it does not send the welcome email.

In the Manage Communities Setup option we do have "Send welcome email" checked and created a new email template to be used with it. The template is active and Available for Use. All of the Portal Profiles and permissions have been given access to the new Community. 

When I first Published the new Community I did not have the Manage Communities Setup option "Send welcome email" checked because I didn't want to blow up all the existing Users' inbox. We were already sending an email to customers announcing the upgraded Community. But then once it was Published and the new email template was created the setting was checked back to "Send welcome email".

What does work is after you create the new user and leave "Send welcome email" unchecked, Save it. Then go back and click 'Edit' and now check "Send welcome email". That will then send the email template set for the 'Forgot Password' and 'Change Password' options in the Manage Communities Setup options.

And apparently, SFDC changed how they treat these emails from Portal to Communities, but does not mention this in any documentation. In Portals an auto-generated password used to be contained directly in the email template, inserted at the bottom.

Now, in the new Communities, that auto-generated password is no longer included, but they changed how they do this for security reasons (winter 14 release update apparently) and instead of sending a username and password in the email they now send a special link that allows people to click and change their password.

The trick is that your forgot your password email template needs to include this special merge field (undocumented anywhere by SFDC from what I found):


If you include that it will be replaced with a special url that allows the user to change their password and logs them in. Thread where I first found this out: http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/17887/communities-forgot-password-emails

This is being successfully included in the 'Forgot Password' and 'Change Password' email templates that were created. So when I go back to the newly created User and click 'Edit' and now check "Send welcome email", it does send the email template set for the 'Forgot Password' and 'Change Password' options to the new user and they are able to get in after setting their password.

Any ideas or help you can provide??


    Hi, could someone walk me through the process of customizing the salesforce communities login page? I have read the communities implementation guide but was a bit confused on certain aspects.




1. Are we supposed to simply drop the visualforce markup into the salesforce generated communitiesLogin  visualforce page?


2. There is also a SF generated customerLoginController that is provided when you create your community. The implementation guide says you should add the code below to the controller. Do I just need to add this code without applying any changes to the already provided page reference method? 


global PageReference forwardToCustomAuthPage() {
        String startUrl = System.currentPageReference().getParameters().get('startURL');
        return new PageReference(Site.getPrefix() + '/SiteLogin?startURL=' +
        EncodingUtil.urlEncode(startURL, 'UTF-8'));



  • September 03, 2013
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Hi everyone


Please help me how to acheive the community Id in apex   urgent,,,


Thanks in advance






I have activated Salesforce Communities for my org, but I need to use my own custom login page and not the default one. We have an option to override the Login Page in Normal Sites but I cannot see the same in the site created for community (Force.com community).


Please help





How can I get a string representing today's date in the format YYYYMMDD ?



Hello everybody, This is my first Salesforce post.


In my controller, I use a query to get the field related to a rich text area.

My need is to get, for example, 200 first character of a rich text area without HTML markup.


I don't know if a method already exists to perform this because when I try to change the field type from rich text area to text area, Salesforce propose if I want to keep or not the HTML markup of rich text area contents.


Thank you


  • March 11, 2011
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