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I have a requirement to display/provide download link to the http blob response in visualforce page.
I am able to create a new attachment/document from blob value and provide a download link to that in vf page using {!URLFOR($Action.Attachment.Download,ReportName)}".
But i dont want to create a new attachemnt, just pass it from apex to vf page.
Any ideas ?

I have a requirement to display the blob content on the VF page, Blob content is received from external web service as Base 64 string and I can convert it in to Blob. Tried the following methods to display the content.

1. converted Base64 in Blob and tried to display but it's displaying something "core.filemanager.FileBlobValue@bd9997c " on the page
2. Directly tried to display Base64 string then obviously it's displaying raw string (very large)

I want to display that content in original format, it can be of any type (pdf, xls, doc,rtf etc).

I should not use attachement or Document to store the file and download providing link to them.

following is the page used for PDF

<apex:page controller="TestDownloadFileController" sidebar="false" contentType="application/pdf" cache="false" >

Content will have the blob value of Pdf file.

Please help.

I am having difficulties attempting to run the Microsoft Excel ContentType example on page 43 of the Visualforce Developers Guide.  Is there anything incorrect in the example as shown in the guide? 
I am able to get satisfactory results using a few other contenttypes, such as (1) text/html, (2) text/plain, and (3) text/richtext, but Internet Explorer 7 cannot open or save the resulting file.
Has anyone any ideas to share about this?  Oh, yeah, I'm a newbie...
Thanks in advance.
  • March 20, 2008
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