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Google AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce is only available for Lead and Opportunity and needs Web toLead for implementation.

We have requirement to implement same for custom object as we are not using Lead and web to lead form. Is there any work around to implement for other than lead or Opportunity object.
Hello expert,

I am displaying all attachment on vf page, vf page set as render as pdf. It is displaying all 
the attachment if attachment is image but it doesn't displaying attached pdf. I am using iframe
for showing pdf but it is not working with render as pdf.

Please provide some solution. Thanks in advanced.
Hello All,

I have created custom UI for sendding email which is mobile compatible I have used bootstrap to make vf page responsive, It is working fine for desktop browser but in mobile browser one functionality is not working i.e redirect to detail page, I have used PageReference for it.

 PageReference pg = new PageReference('/'+account.id);        
 return pg.setRedirect(true);

Do PageReference do not support in mobile browser ? or am I missing somewhere ? Please help.

Thanks in advance.
Hi all,

I have requirement as given below:
I need two way integration between Saleforce and Zendesk with following feature:
  • Ability to create a Knowledge Base that can be accessed via the customer portal and is searchable
  • Ability to hide & show Knowledge Base
  • Ability to categorize Knowledge Base Articles based on the customer
  • Ability to create Knowledge Base Articles from tickets
  • Ability to restrict users from assigning specific statuses
  • Ability to export tickets into CSV or Excel format
  • Ability to add additional users to a ticket update
  • Ability to create multiple incoming email addresses that will create tickets
  • Ability to setup a role hierarchy for internal users that will be used for ticket access & availability & system updates
  • Ability for customers to reset their password without intervention

I know there is app available in app exchange 'zendesk for salesforce' but app is not capable to fulfill my requirement.
Please suggest some ideas.

Thanks in advanced for your time,
Amit Trivedi
Hi all,

Activity is in related list of Account. I need to send email from Account detail page so the   problem is with send an email functionality in Activity History related list.Send an Email button not available in activity history related list in salesforce1.How to overcome this problem.Do i need to create custom visualforce page or there is some way.
The vf page should be like standard page as given below
User-added image
Please provide me suitable solution.
Thanks in advanced.
User-added image

Hi guys  I need to remove customer portal user from standard user look field and only show User and Partner user.Can you please suggest some solution to achieve it.
User-added image

Hi guys  I need to remove customer portal user from standard user look field and only show User and Partner user.Can you please suggest some solution to achieve it.
Hello everyone,

I am trying to get the value from related list in formula. For example our contacts can have multiple orders. Is it possible to get the amount (and/or any other field value) from last order? I want to do something similar with other objects too.

Thank you!


I have requirment that i need to send emails on schedule basis

I am displying all the users on VF page  with checkbox

and  I am selecting any 3 users  and sending email
but when first email went o first user .wait for  10min .if didn't reply so send email automatically  to second selected user

Please help me out...

I am getting an error when I tried to insert more than 200 account records using data loader. I created the below trigger code and the error message is shown below. any idea guys?

oppCreate: execution of AfterInsert

caused by: System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0 with id 00628000002gPTkAAM; first error: INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE, cannot specify Id in an insert call: [Id]

Trigger.oppCreate: line 19, column 1

trigger oppCreate on Account (after insert) {

List<Opportunity> newlyCreatedOpp =  new List<Opportunity>();

for (Account newAcc : Trigger.new)

Opportunity createOpp = new Opportunity ();
    createOpp.Name = newAcc.name + 'Opportunity';
    createOpp.CloseDate = system.today().addDays(30);
    createOpp.AccountId = newAcc.Id;
    if (newAcc.numberofEmployees> 100) {
    createOpp.StageName = 'Prospecting'; } 
    else if(newAcc.numberofEmployees< 100) {
    createOpp.StageName = 'Qualification'; }
    else {}

insert newlyCreatedOpp;

How to know the field Id's of a particular field in a standard and custom object ... through user interface... and also i want a piece of code how to fetch the field id's thanks in advance.....
How to display particular field or set of fields on an object when a new record is created on another object?

lets assume object X and object Y
when a new record is created on X, then particular fields or set of fields should be displayed on obj Y is there any way to achieve this through configuration.

how do I group my leads for business in salesforce ?

Example: In a lead want to appear all contacts who work at the same company , it is possible ?
steps to apex program for restore the deleted records in salesforce...For example custom object name is Account, Its have some records.
Now i want to store deleted records to another location like Deleted Accounts Tab..
What are the steps i need to follow for solve this...Pls let me know

Thanks for advance...
I have a custom object named Service__c and it has a lookup with other object named Product__c. I want to create a button which allows me to add multiple products on the Product related list from Service object. This button should do what the "Add product" button from Order does(whitout that filter )
User-added image


I have a question, I am making a custom button which need to generate data from certain formula and after that put the data in given field, the formula was the easy pars, and as I am new to salesforce, I can't get a way to put the data into the given field, I am having this formula code:

{!PayedSum__c.Payed_Sum__c} = {!Account.Compensation_Sum__c} - {!Account.Payed_Compensation_Sum__c} AND
{!PayedSum__c.Payed_Date__c}  = {!TODAY()}

As you can see from the code I need to put the data in sObject PayedSum__c field Payed_Sum__c, can someone help me how to put the result from this formula into the Payed_Sum__c field ?

Thank you in advance,
  • June 02, 2015
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at the moment I get all information for the account with the code below.
Now I need the information from a related parent parent object.

Account --> Contract --> Salesnumbers

How can I get the information from the salesnumbers object?
Public List <Account> getAccDList2() {
    List <Account> AccD =  [SELECT Id, Name, BillingCity, Rating, Billingstreet, BillingPostalCode, Folder_Link__c, NumberOfEmployees FROM Account WHERE Id = :SelectedAccountId];
    RETURN AccD;
I have a packaged component which is being used on an account page. 
Which does not render when a given profile does not have license to that package. 

The message displayed is: "Content cannot be displayed: You do not have sufficient privileges to access the page: /apex/abc__AccountFiles". 

How do I show a custom message there or maybe hide the section from code written in my packaged component?
Hi Friends

Validation:In Tax Master i have a Three fields Excise duty,Vat And Cst if we fill Excise duty either Vat or Cst only one should enter.

How to write a validation for this please provoide some inputs,Thanks in advance.

i am writing a Validation like this but it won't work:
ISBLANK( Excise_Duty__c ), 

Hi friends,

I wanna make the checkbox 'Send email notification ' on Lead object to be checked on change of Lead Owner.
Has anyone come across this scenario?
If so plz guide me to achieve the same.

Hi Experts,

Please clarify my doubt,, i am trying to create save,clear,addrow,clone button,  and i have created now upto save and clear, want to cover another two button methods, anybody plz add a few lines to bellow apex class and vf page, its needfull to me. Thanks in advance,,

VF Page : 
<apex:page controller="SaveAccount">
  <apex:form >
    <apex:pageblock title="Enter Account Details">
       <apex:pageblockSection id="Refreshthis">
          <apex:inputtext value="{!AcName}" label="Acc_Name"/>
          <apex:inputtext value="{!AcPhone}" label="Acc_Phone"/>
       <apex:pageblockButtons location="Bottom" >
       <apex:commandButton action="{!Save}" value="Save"/>
       <apex:commandButton action="{!Clear}" value="Clear"/>
       <apex:commandButton action="{!AddRow}" value="AddRow"/>
    <apex:pageblock >
Class :
public with sharing class SaveAccount {

    public PageReference AddRow() {
        // Add lines here
        return null;

    public PageReference Clear() {
        AcName = '';
        AcPhone = '';
        return null;

    public PageReference Save() {
    account ac = new account();
    ac.name = AcName;
    ac.phone = AcPhone;
    insert ac;
    PageReference orderPage = new PageReference('/' + ac.id);
        return orderPage;
      //  return null;

    public String AcPhone { get; set; }

    public String AcName { get; set; }
Hi  Friends  I need some information to know  if  is possible update de picklist with a validation rule:
***Problem to resolve

When I  create a opportunity and Select a Inventory and the field "Stage" is Closed Won
and I saved , the Custom Object "Inventory" and the field "status" change automatically from "Available" to "Sold"

  Inventory= a321
  Stage = "Close Won"

  Status="Sold"  // "status" change automatically when I save it the oportunity

I have created custom button and used javascript code to display the error messages and redirect to wizard pages but salesforce1 doesn't display that button.

Salesforce1 doesn't support javascript, how to over come this?

How to use custom button with any web lanaguage code to display error msg or redirect to different page on salesforce1
User-added image

Hi guys  I need to remove customer portal user from standard user look field and only show User and Partner user.Can you please suggest some solution to achieve it.