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I'm developing a mobile optimized VF page (with JQuery Mobile framework) which needs to run in Salesforce1 app. In the Object's details page, there is a link that leads to the mobile optimized page. However, when I'm trying to navigate back to Salesforce1 object detail page, using a link in the VF page, I'm unable to do so. A couple of points I noted:
1. I think navigating to a visualforce page (using a link in Salesforce1 object detail page) removes the sforce.one binding, as a result I'm unable to navigate back (I tried sforce.one.navigateToURL(ObjectId,'detail') method),
2. Not sure if there is currently any way to navigate from a visualforce page to Salesforce1 mobile navigation.

If any of you have faced/resolved this type of issue or know about it, please let me know.