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I'm overriding standard new button on custom object . I'm overring with VF pgae, overriding should happen for few profiles and for rest of the profiles button should not be overrided.To override the button , we need to check "Skip Record Type Selection Page" checkbox, but for profiles having access to many record types we should not check the checkbox "Skip Record Type Selection Page".





I have a visualforce page with a command Button. When this is pressed some work is done in the page-reference of the controller-extension. During this work it is sometimes necessary to open new Windows in which are PDF-Documents are generated and diplayed. Is it possible to open a second, third, forth ... window with a visualforce page rendered as PDF directly from the apex code without leaving the original window. In the pagereference I think, I can only pass one new page, which is then displayed in the actual window, but I want to stay on this window with the original content and open the others for the user, who can then print them?




Hi all -

I'm struggling with how to set a date field to today() using a custom button's on click javascript.


I'm using the button to set the value of two picklist values, set a date field to Today() and set a second date field to Today()+180.


When I first wrote it and tested it earlier in the week, it was executing but was setting the wrong dates. Today it just errors out.



{!requireScript("/soap/ajax/13.0/connection.js")} var QR= new sforce.SObject("Quote_Request__c"); QR.id = "{!Quote_Request__c.Id}"; var temp_dev_date=new Date(); temp_dev_date.setDate({!TODAY()}) var temp_val_date=new Date(); temp_val_date.setDate({!TODAY()}+180) QR.Delivered_Date__c=temp_dev_date; QR.Validity_Date__c=temp_val_date; QR.Customer_Requirements__c="Test update of auto close button."; QR.Status__c="Closed - Completed"; QR.Stage__c="Delivered"; var result = sforce.connection.update([QR]); if (result[0].getBoolean("success")) { // Refresh window window.location.reload(); } else { alert("something broke"); }


Appreciate any guidance or other approaches that could be used to accomplish this.


In VisualForce you can specify a HTML5 data attribute by adding a html tag to the front - e.g.
<apex:input html-data-attribute-name="some data"/>

We are looking at trying a lightning implementation, but similar functionality is cruitial if we are to proceed.  Is there a way to append a HTML5 data attribute to a lightning component - e.g.
<ui:inputText data-attribute-name="some data"/>