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Hello all,

I have a client I am currently working for that is looking to integrate current accounting software (Quickbooks) and SalesForce, which is being used to manage all data regarding loans that are in the system. 

We are looking to set up a consultation with someone with experience in this area and ultimately a project for the best fit candidate.

The range for the solution is open whether that be, a new Accounting system to integrate, a SalesForce customization, or a Quickbooks customization.

Anyone who feels comfortable in these areas, please email me at ttagg@silverbaycapital.com, or skype handle: tjtagg@me.com

Trailhead excercise: Customizing Navigation, Buttons, and Links in the 

Error message:
Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Google Link' custom button was not found.

I created the button exactly as instructed. It exists, works and is on all Contact page layouts.

Please help.