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Any thoughts to create the matrix/grid style multiple choice survey forms? Please see the sample survey grid structure (4 questions in rows and each with 5 choices in columns).
Hi all, I need some assistance.
We have a wizard type visualforce page developmnet that uses 3 objects- Lead, Custom obj 1 and Custom obj 2. The custom objects all have lookup relationships with the lead object.
What is supposed to happen is that we will send you a link to a site that includes the Lead Id, Page 1 that opens up has lead fields that need updating and Custom obj 1 records that need to be created when you select the Continue button. And we need to pass the Lead Id to Page 2.
On Page two when selecting Continue a record for Custom Obj 2 needs to be created and the Lead Id that was passed from Page 1 needs to be assigned to the Lead field on Custom Obj 2. We also need the Custom Obj 2 ID to be passed on to the next page, Page 3.

Can anyone help with the controller?
1. Create a VF page where user can select an account from a pick-list.
2. Below the pick-list, there will be a text area for user to type message.
3. Below text area a Submit button is needed.
4. When user clicks on Submit, an email has to be sent to the selected account.
5. Email should have the message user typed in text area.
6. Email should have a dynamic unsubscribe link.
7. When recipient clicks on unsubscribe link it should take them to a public force.compage.
8. This page will ask recipient if they want to unsubscribe.
9. When recipient confirms, the  flag for sending emails should be set to false.
Hello everione,

Maybe someone has experience working with some advanced code. I'm working in a project to allow the user select option filtered by the previous selected pick, everything from the same object, but this list must be shown in a different object. This field must be shown dynamically, as drop dow list, and filtered by the previous selection.
Object Product: Contain all records that I need to show in my new app
Fields - Product Type, Product Name, and Max Wide
New app
After pick Product Type, Product name is going to show just the product name filtered by Product, then this product has different width, so this Max Wide is going to show the wide on this Product Name.
I have a pageblocktable where one of my columns has conditional highlighting.  That is working just fine, but I want that highlighting to stay even when the mouse hovers over that column's row.  I'm very new to visualforce, and web development in general, so struggle with these little things!  I see that when I mouse over rows in the table the entire row is highlighted, but I don't see any explicit code to make this happen so I guess it is the default behavior?  I don't mind that, but I don't want to lose the other highlighted color on that one column when the rest of the row is highlighted due to a mouse over.  If the column isn't highlighted, I still want it to change colors with the rest of the row during mouse over. How can I acheive this?