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Hi all,

Via APEX a DML Operation is not allowed on the UserTerritory object, but we want to inesrt / update / delete it via a custom tool that's build in APEX.
Therefore we were thinking of using the REST API. This seems to work only for one record at a time. Is it possible to do this with a List?
If not, I guess we should be using Bulk API? I have no experience with that, could you provide an example with OAuth2?

Thanks in advance,
Hi everyone,
I want to start using Flex, and therefore downloaded the following manual: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/flashbuilder/salesforce_flash_builder.pdf
However, the link to the download page ( Go to developer.salesforce.com/flashbuilder ) seems to be broken. Any help would be appreciated.
 I'm confusing where to post my Questions whether in Success Community or developer forums.

And we can post Ideas and Connect to user groups etc..  from Success Community. Where as posting questions how they differ.

What is the main difference and which is having best visibility  to get solutions.