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Looking for the best way to populate the Opportunity Name on the Asset.  I have a lookup field on Asset (Opportunity__c) that I would like to auto-populate.  Here is the code a developer wrote for creating Assets when Opportunity is Closed Won

User-added image
I have a file "header.png" that I want to update.

F12 Developer Console in the browser shows it loads the image from: url(/community/resource/1399980030000/MITheme/header.png).  However, the image does not update after replacing the original zip file the new zip file "MITheme.zip" in the Static Resources location. If I edit the location within the F12 Dev Console to remove "1399980030000" from the image path, the new image shows in the Community. 

Where is the file/page I need to properly edit to correct the image path from url(/community/resource/1399980030000/MITheme/header.png) to url(/community/resource/MITheme/header.png)?
Hello all,

Has anyone found a solution to toggle between the Service Cloud Console and their Communities?  I am hoping SF enables viewing the Global Header when in the SCC, but just in case they don't, is there a potential workaround (besides switching to the Classic View)?