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This might be a simple simple question but I haven't found a straight answer: 
Building flows with Visual Workflow, are the steps performed sequentially as shown on the flow in all cases?

For example, record A created -> record B created -> record A updated with new ID of record B.

In this example if there were any reason record B didn't get created you can't update record A.
Can I assume that record B gets created before the record A update fires? Or should I not assume things work as expected, and pad in wait states and error trapping on whether or not records get created?

And extra-points if any of you mega-brains answering want to throw in some DML and SOQL error trapping steps that would apply in heavy record create/update flows.



I'm pretty new to Salesforce so please forgive me if I'm posting to the wrong area. I'm trying to install an app from the app exchange to my Sandbox. I log in to my admin account to install and I get a popup asking me to approve third party access to the app. The button that says continue is grayed out so I'm unable to continue with the  installation.

User-added image


Any ideas on how I can fix this?

I wanted to figure out if there is or if there is any plan to open challenges data via an api so that we can reward employees for completing trialhead data.
I am doing the "Add a Mobile Card that Displays Content Based on Opportunity Stage" challenge. It asks for a Visualforce page which displays content depending on opportunity stage.
I used the following code
       <apex:outputText rendered="{!CONTAINS(opportunity.stagename,'Prospecting')}" value="this is a good idea" />
       <apex:outputText rendered="{!CONTAINS(opportunity.stagename,'Analysis')}" value="do this" />
       <apex:outputText rendered="{!CONTAINS(opportunity.stagename,'Proposal')}" value="do that" />
       <apex:outputText rendered="{!CONTAINS(opportunity.stagename,'Negotiation')}" value="go away" />
and it works in the browser, but the challenge checks complains:
"The page isn't evaluating the 'Prospecting' stage. "
Any idea why?