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I want to get all Permission Set License with its child System/user Permissions and Object Permissions via Rest API.
I am able to see all Permission Set Licenses and associated User Permissions/Object Permissions in UI as below screenshot:
User-added image

Currently I am using below Rest API to get the same:
https://salesforce.com/services/data/v32.0/queryAll?q=SELECT id,MasterLabel,DeveloperName,Language,PermissionSetLicenseKey,Status,TotalLicenses,UsedLicenses,MaximumPermissionsSalesConsole,MaximumPermissionsDeleteActivatedContract,MaximumPermissionsActivateContract,MaximumPermissionsIdentityConnect, MaximumPermissionsAssignPermissionSets,MaximumPermissionsManageProfilesPermissionsets FROM PermissionSetLicense

But It is not providing info for any Object Permissions and for few User Permissions (related to Orders Object) in Rest API response.

I need urgent help to get that above information through Rest API as well.

Note: I am able to see any System Permission regarding the Orders object.
I am trying to retrieve the body of an attachment from SOAP API and facing an issue with the response size of my SOQL query. The query which I am using is,
queryclient.retrieve(header, null, null, null, "Name, Id, Body, BodyLength", "Attachment", ids, out sObjects); 

This works fine in case of a smaller size attachment (around 500kb). When the size of the file is around 900kb or above, I am receving the following error.
"The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (999999) has been exceeded. To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate binding element."

I also tried fetching this attachment body from Rest Explorer and received the following error.
Regex too complicated
Error is in expression '{!execute}' in component <apex:commandButton> in page restexplorer: (System Code)
Class.RestResponseInstrumenter.Insturmentation.instrument: line 15, column 1
Class.RestResponseInstrumenter.instrument: line 52, column 1
Class.RestExplorerController.execute: line 92, column 1

Can you please let me know how to fetch a large attachment body from Salesforce? I need this to be done through SOAP or REST API and not APEX. Thanks.

Hello, I got a question for retriving data. For example, if I use code like this: <apex:outputtext value="{!Case.Owner.Name}" /> and I can get a text show on my web page. But how can I know where does each value after dot come from, is that simply (object name) . (field name) . (data wanna retrive). But how can I know the exact name of data that I wanna retrive?  The example I showed is a bad example, cuz I assume that the name of data I wanna retrive maybe call Name, yet I dont know where to find it.     Thanks for helping.