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Can any one give the code for converting the vf page to padf and Excel when the commend button is clicked and to download also.
can any one please provide fo me i am trying very hard but i am unabl to do please help me...
Hello !

I want to Split an Existing Attachment on Account into several PDF files.

What I want is to be able to click a button on Accountet that loads an apex page where you select a PDF and click "Split PDF" that saves down result in multiple PDF files at Accountet.

I would be very grateful if anyone out there has knowledge of this and can give input to how this can be resolved!

Existing pdf : attachments 1.pdf

attachments 1.pdf
attachments 2.pdf
attachments 3.pdf


Do anyone ever worked with scanning barcodes from barcode reader harware into salesforce?

I have a project that requires time management of certain projects.

When a person starts a project. They would scan the bar code on the invoice and insert the time of when it got started. And when done, they would scan the invoice again and the time would be recorded again. This in return would calculate the total time that it took.


Is it possible to read a bar code? 

I'm creating a small barcode scanner app using the latest mobile sdk (based on cordova 2.3.0).  Once I've dropped the .mm, .cpp and .h files into the Plugins directory, the build fails on the following line of the scanner code:


#import <Cordova/CDVPlugin.h>


saying that CDVPlugin can't be found.  The only way that I've been able to get the Xcode compiler to be able to see this file is to copy it from the SalesforceHybridSDK.framework/Headers folder and drop it into the Plugins folder.  The knock-on effects of this are that I have to copy most of the other header files across as well.


This works, but it feels wrong - I'm sure there's something obvious that I've missed.


Hi we have requirement where we have to generate COF using visual force page  and attach/merge  documents attached under Notes/Attachment (Solution  Defenition document) section of opportunity . Here i want to know do we have any functionality in VF where we can attach PDFs to  COF PDF generated using visual force page

Hello we are a non profit 501c3 using salesforce
We use salesforce also to track text books and recipients.
We generate a profile for each textbook and a profile for each recipient.
We check-out text books to recipients.
Barcode Zone generates barcodes for each record (textbooks and recipients).
I would like the ability to merge and print all the labels (Barcodes) so we place the labels on the books.
This will add the functionality to scan books in or out of a recipient profile.
Currently Barcode Zone was able to add a print label button that print one label.
<apex:page standardController="Book_Bank_Inventory__c" renderAs="pdf">
  <BarcodeZone:ACBarcodeZone Value="{!Book_Bank_Inventory__c.Name}"
Alternatively on the visual page code we could manually add multiple values.
  <apex:page standardController="Book_Bank_Inventory__c" renderAs="pdf">
  <BarcodeZone:ACBarcodeZone Value="{!'99199-082012-P2-12'}"
  rendered="true" /> 
  <BarcodeZone:ACBarcodeZone Value="{!'99199-082012-P2-12'}"
  rendered="true" /> 
  <BarcodeZone:ACBarcodeZone Value="{!'99199-082012-P2-12'}"
We will have 2800 textbooks and the above solutions will not work.
Will you be able to help?
THANK YOU                

Hi Fridends...



How to Generate Barcode program in apex and Visualforce?




Thanks & Regards


I have developed a vf page to render it As pdf. With in the pdf  i need to add page break to end the page with couple of sections and should continue next section from new  page.Is there any way I could do that.


  • July 26, 2011
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Hi All,


We would like to scan a bar code and have it create a record in Salesforce on a custom object, as well as an activity record.  Has anyone had success doing this?



There is a requirement that instead of generating more pdf files for all customer, can we combine all the files into a single PDF files or a zip file using Apex code

Hi there. I'm wondering if anybody in the past has merged 2 or more pdf files using the getContent()

method or something similar? Is this possible?


  • February 24, 2009
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I have a requirement wherein I need to create and display barcode in a pdf page genereated using Visualforce. Does any one have an idea on how to do this?

I understand that there are special fonts which can displays the text in a barcode format. But there are limitations too on the salesforce server which generates Fonts for pdf. Will Visualforce Pdf support such a font?