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hi All,
I want to download a zip file from url and unzip that file.I got some code but that is not working.
Need some new code in apex to do this.
Thanks in advance
Hi All,
I want to create a custom meta data and want to store records and also want to fetch records .values are passing from visualfoce to controller.
Thanks in advance
can salesforce1 mobile app send notification to apple watch? if yes ... how?
 how do you develop a salesforce app on apple watch?
please provide some sample example.
thanks in advance
Does a normal salesforce1 app work on apple watch?
Is it possible or not? If possible please provide some solution.
Thanks in advance
Hi All,
I am building a canvas app and that canvas app is in side bar of page.When click on that canvas app link it should display chatter  ​.data.something like when click on helloworld it should display like below screen shot
User-added image