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<apex:page standardController="Business_Contract_to_Account__c"  standardStylesheets="false"> 
<apex:sectionHeader title="Account Hierarchy" subtitle="{!Business_Contract_to_Account__c.Name}"/> 
        <!--<c:HierarchyTreeDragAndDrop currentRecId="{!Account.id}" sObjectTypeName="Account" sObjectFieldsAPINames="Type,Industry" parentIdFieldAPI="parentId" numOfLevels="5"/>
        --->     "{!Business_Contract_to_Account__c.AccountId__c}"
            <apex:pageBlock >
       <c:HeirarchyJBTreeV2 currentRecId="{!Business_Contract_to_Account__c.Customer__c}" sObjectTypeName="Business_Contract_to_Account__c" sObjectFieldsAPINames="Customer__r.AccountNumber,Customer__r.SAP_Partner_Functions__c,Customer__r.Store_Number__c,Customer__r.State_City_Country__c,Customer__r.Customer_Reporting_Group__c,Customer__r.Customer_Facing_Parent_Type__c" parentIdFieldAPI="Customer_Facing_Parent__c" displayListSize="700" numOfLevels="5"/> 

and the component line is

<apex:attribute name="currentRecId" description="This is the Record Id for displaying Hierarchy" type="String" required="true" assignTo="{!currentId}"/>
I am passing a list of contact records from trigger (trigger.new)for example lets say 100 records  to the batch class and for every contact record before insert/update  i have to make a callout which gets me to 100 callouts in this case. I would like to know if this can happen successfully by implementing batchable/queuble interface and I dont want to use @future to establish this. I know that for every single batch job only 20 callouts can happen, so i also would like to know if there is something that i could establish like auto retry