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Hello, In february I completed the trailhead challenges, but received no communications about my tshirt.  
I earned the first 2 badges well before the 28th of february. Did I miss something? 
How can i get my t-shirt?

Thank you for your support,
Ps. here is the text of the email i received inviting me to the challenge:
 Meet Trailhead, a fast and easy way to explore the basics of building cloud apps. Earn the first 2 intro badges by February 28, 2015 and you'll win a limited edition t-shirt! It's that easy to get started.
I am developing a multi-picklist pop-up window for our need.

The left side has more than 4000 elements.
I am using a controller for dynamically generating the option list. The following code snippet explains this.

In the Program code:
                   <apex:selectList style="width:220px" size="10" multiselect="true" id="availableList" onfocus="skipcycle=true"         onblur="skipcycle=false" ondblclick="onAdd();">                   
                    <apex:selectOptions value="{!items_available}"/>                   

In the controller,

public List<SelectOption> getItems_available()
        List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>();
        for (Lead_Manager__c lm: [Select Name FROM Lead_Manager__c Where Is_Frequent__c = false and (Name like 'd%' or Name like 'e%' or Name like 'f%') ORDER BY Name ASC])
                options.add(new SelectOption(lm.Name, lm.Name));       
        return options;

This returns a visualforce error., "System.Exception: collection exceeds maximum size: 1001"

Can anyone help on this?