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Hi folks
All of our non-batch scheduled apex classes (where the limit is supposed to be 100 according to the documentation as we read it) suddenly started erroring out with Spring '15 saying the limit is 5. These are NOT batch jobs.  We have activated FlexQueue anyway. 
It appears others have found this issue. E.g. http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/66607/scheduled-apex-limit-exceeded-spring-15

I tried making a case with SF but could not get past the standard support who pointed me to the batch limit documentation and flex queue. 

We'd be super grateful if anyone could tell us if:
1) SF recognizes this as a bug
2) If anything is being done about it
3) If there are known workarounds.

Hi All,

I had scheduled around 22 Jobs till last Friday on on SF Org with different schedules. All these 22 jobs were visible in Scheduled Jobs Tab. Starting from this Monday(16th Feb 2015) I'm getting an Error : System.AsyncException: You have exceeded the maximum number (5) of Apex scheduled jobs when I try to schedule the same number of Jobs.
Its allowing only 5 Jobs to be submitted. 

Org might have been upgraded to Spring 2015 over the weekend. As per the Spring 2015 notes, we can use Apex Flex Queues to shcedule upto 100 Apex Jobs. We tried activating the Apex Flex Queue from Critical Updates section, but still the issue persists.

Need advise on what can be done to get the limit back to 100.