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I have a custom object with a lookup relationship to accounts.

I need a trigger that updates an account field when a field from the custom object is populated with a value.



I am experiencing a strange situation where the Grand Total of a report is wrong.

I have a report on opporutnity with three groupings and total revenue field is summarized for each grouping. After applying some fiters, I hidden the details of the report and did a printable view.


In the excel when I take the totals from the first grouping and count them, the total is different than the one showing in report. And that difference is huge in terms of revenue( more than 15 million) I am not able to figure what is the issue here, can any one please help.




  • August 22, 2013
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I want to allow a user in my Developer Edition org to view a dashboard.  The user's profile is Standard Platform User.  The profile has the Run Reports box ticked, yet when I try to view the reports tab with that user I get an 'Insufficient Privelleges' error.  When I try to add a dashboard to the home page I get a message 'Please have your administrator enable at least one dashboard for you to view'.


How can I get this working?

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