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Can anyone tell me the query to get the same results from “View All Notes & Attachments” page?
The idea is to find the object that saves the attached files in a comment chatter.
Nowadays if you put one attach on a comment you cannot find them by query.
Best regards,
Hugo Costa
in the Winter'09 release notes it says "Custom labels are custom text values, up to 1,000 characters in length, that can be accessed from Apex classes or Visualforce pages".
I could easily find how to access these labels from a visualforce page, but nowhere I can find how to access them from an apex class.
I need this because I have a class that dynamically generates labels for a certain table in a vf page. But I want to use Custom Labels (and the translation workbench) to get these translated in various languages.
Is there an object, something like Label with a static function like 'getLabel(String)'? Or is this not released in Winter '09?
  • September 30, 2008
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