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I am receiving this error message when trying to create a quote. I have a "Cost" field setup in the layout but it is not displaying in the quote page. 

Error: Invalid Data. 
Review all error messages below to correct your data.
Required fields are missing: [Cost]
Hi, do you know if it's possible to execute a flow when a user logs out?
I am trying to automate an action that needs to happen right when the user logs out, but I can't find out how!
Up until about June 12, users assigned to tasks received email notificaitons.. Specifically, whenever you got assigned a task, you would receive an email notification alerting you have been assigned to a task. That stopped working for some reason that we still can't figure out. A solution arose when I created a case and a Salesforce technician helped me create the "Send Email" column checkbox. When you check the Send Email checkbox, the user assigned to the task will receive an email notification alerting them they have been assigned a task. That works great and helps us a lot. However, we tend to reassign tasks often and the Send Email checkbox is only applicable to task creation and not task reassigning. When reassigning the task to a different user, the Send Email checkbox is locked as unchecked and cannot be checked again. You can only check that checkbox on task creation. In result, we want to find a way to send email notification on task creation AND reassigning tasks. Can anyone help me?
I am trying to accomplish an outside system to get a notification every time a user logs in the system, right away, I need the user name and IP address immediately after a successful login, by calling a Web service on our end, I want this service to be called even if the user did not land on the home page, like in the case the user receives a link to a contact via email.The user clicks on the link, log in to Salesforce and see the contact, even in this case, I want to run a code that calls a web service , informing the user logged on this moment with this IP

I just finished refreshing our sandbox and then validated it. When I went to login, I got this error message: 
Your organization has been disabled
Salesforce.com has disabled access to the system for your company. Please contact Salesforce Customer Support for more information about this error. 

Can you help find out what happened?

Thank you
Hey guys,

I created a custom object but no one (including the system administrators) can see it.  I can access the back end of the object and edit the content of it, but I can access the front end to actually use the object.  What's the catch?
I've checked the developer forum, and saw this question asked in 2008.

It appears that we're still unable to add Custom Fields to the Notes Object.

Is this still correct?
Dear all,

I would like to ask for your suggestions regrarding the following situation:
I have to create a VF page to record expense line items. Since we don't want to add the rocords one by one the idea is to create some empty rows that the user can fill. We also need some required fields. I would like to have the fields required only if the user started to populate the row but for a completely empty row I would avoid the the error messages and would let the save complete:

Before Save

And this is what happens after save:
On Save

How can I avoid this error popping up for a completely empty row? Any idea is more than welcome.
<apex:column id="col1">
		<apex:facet name="header" >{!$ObjectType.Expenses_Line_Item__c.fields.SP_Expense_Category__c.label}</apex:facet>
		<apex:inputField value="{!item.SP_Expense_Category__c}" required="true" />	 
	<apex:column id="col2">
		<apex:facet name="header" >{!$ObjectType.Expenses_Line_Item__c.fields.SP_Expense_Date__c.label}</apex:facet> 
		<apex:inputField value="{!item.SP_Expense_Date__c}" required="true"/>
	<apex:column id="col3">
		<apex:facet name="header" >{!$ObjectType.Expenses_Line_Item__c.fields.Value__c.label}</apex:facet>
		<apex:inputField value="{!item.Value__c}" required="true" />	 

Thank you in advance!