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Helllo, I got a temporary Symantec Digital ID certificate (a Symantec C1 Digital ID, with a VeriSign Class 1 root authority). I dont see "symantec" specifically on the list of supported Salesforce certificates.

Is this certificate supported?


I have a formula field called 'Status' that assigns a Status to a record based on the value provided in a date field on the same record. Simply put the logic is: If Start Date is not null then Status equals 'Priority'. Otherwise Status equals 'Inactive'.

I have tested this pretty thouroughly  in the UI and haven't found any problems. 


I am using this object in a VF controller and I need to test both conditions...the records that are a Priority and the records that are Inactive. So my test inserts a bunch of records without a Start Date which means that none of them would be a Priority. I then try to update some of those records with a Start Date to test the other condition. Here is where I am running into trouble. For some reason, the formula is not evaluated. I have verified with system.debug that although there is a Start Date present on the records the Status field is still 'Inactive'. 


Does anybody know why the formula field would not fire in a test method?