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I am very much a newbie, so apologies if this is an extremely basic question.  I've put it in Apex Code Development because I suspect that the answer lies there but please feel free to move it if required.

We have set up a Contract process to manage our marketing expenditures and, following final approval, the contract owner should send an email, using a pre-determined template, to their contact to confirm the particulars of the contract.  Unfortunately, the contract owner COULD send the confirmation at any time (but we have told them not to do so).  Once final approval has been achieved, the contract status is set to "Terms Sheet Needed".

How do I:

(a) Ensure that it is impossible the email template ("MDF International Contract") until the status is set to "Terms Sheet Needed"
(b) Set the status automatically to "Fully Executed" once the email template has been successfully sent.

All help gratefully accepted!