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Hi everyone,

I am trying to update the RunningUserId in a dashboard trough apex, but I retrieve an "Field is not writeable" error.
Can somebody tell me how to update an dashboard record with apex.

Dashboard mydashboard = [select Title, RunningUserId,RunningUser.FirstName from dashboard where id = '01ZU0000000QRf0'];
mydashboard.RunningUserId= '005U0000003WmBs';
update mydashboard;
We have one account (IBM), the ownership cann't be change by anyone, incluidng System Admin.
How can I restrict?  
  • October 25, 2016
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Hi All,
I am getting Error as #error in few records in formula field .
below is formula field. please sugget me.
(IF((TODAY()>=DATE(YEAR(Renewal_Date__c)- (IB_Products_Country_Attributes__r.Phase_1_End_Date_Months__c/12) ,MONTH(Renewal_Date__c),DAY(Renewal_Date__c)) && (TODAY()<=Renewal_Date__c)),'Renewal', 
IF(TODAY()<=DATE(YEAR(Install_Date__c) + (IB_Products_Country_Attributes__r.Phase_3_Start_Date_Months__c/12),MONTH(Install_Date__c),DAY(Install_Date__c)),'Initial',
IF((Today()> Renewal_Date__c) || (ISBLANK(Renewal_Date__c)),'Renewal Overdue',

I have two multiple picklists in the Contacts Object.  One for "Contact Type" and one for "Applicant Status".  I need a rule that says anytime Contact Type of "Training Applicant" is selected then Applicant Status must be completed.  When I check the syntax for the formula I created, the system tells me that there is a multiple pick list error and that multiple pick lists are only supported with certain functions.  I watched a salesforce video that proves the validation can be done although the demo used the Accounts object and not the Contacts Object; not sure if this makes a difference or not.  The video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5otBBMmDhyk). 

The formula I used is below but I also tried several other iterations to no avail.  Does anyone know if the validation cannot be created because it is in the Contacts Object?  Is it because I am using the Non-Profit Starter Pack?  Any ideas?  Workarounds?

ISPICKVAL (Contact Type, "Training Applicant")
Text (Applicant Status) = ""
Hi Everyone,
            I have a field called department . Possible values of department are given below . I want to make a formula taht looks for "-" betwwen the words and shortens the value from left hand side for e.g:

Final Value: SSES-SPHERE

Original Value: ADM-CFO-FIN-CTLR
Final Value: ADM-CFO

Can anyone help me here please???

Shrey Tyagi