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Hi All,
I am trying to make an hybrid android application using salesforce mobile sdk, where i want to implement a functionality of taking photo via phone and upload it as attachment to the concern data on sfdc server. I have no idea how to do it so can any one guide me to acheive this?

Also in the same app i am struggling to open device camera using html 5 tags so anyone with same problem? any solution to this?
I am using mobile sdk 2.2 for my devlopment purpose. I am having some troubles understanding the flow of sample account editor app. As i am trying to explore more on hybrid local app thus can anyone of you suggest me how to get this done as no much documentation i found on git hub which will help me understanding the owrkaroud i.e how salesforce sdk is calling smartstroe and how they are collating with smartsync.js to do all the dml operations and how this authentication , fetching, addition , switch user, offline-online tracker is occuring. Any help i appreciate in advance. 
Hi, is it possible to have a custom login page in a hybrid local app?
I have tried to use the technique described in the Developer Guide p. 257, i.e. changing the login URL to a community login which can be customized. It works, but then the app ends up in the community itself, and not back in the app (in the index.html file of the app), as expected.
Am I doing something wrong? Should I customize the login page in some other fashion?
I have a VF page that's enabled for Salesforce1. It uses the standard Quote Controller, and generates a PDF view of a Quote. I'd like to be able to see this page from within Salesforce1. Any idea how to make that happen?

Publisher Actions aren't supported for Quotes, so I can't create one.

I can't seem to get a custom "Preview Quote" button to appear in Salesforce1, although it does appear in the standard browser page layout.

I tried creating a formula field on the Quote object that uses the HYPERLINK function to launch the page, and while I can tell from the Debug Log that the page is being launched, it doesn't display in Salesforce1. (I've tried using "_self", "_top", and other options for the HYPERLINK function's third argument, but I see no difference in the results.)

Is there any way to get this PDF to display in SF1 while I'm sitting on the Quote page?