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While trying to enter an ACTIVE process I've created with the Process Builder, I'm getting this error:
"Looks like there's a problem:

An internal error has ocurred
Error ID: 181947667-330980 (1457422588)" 

No more information is given... Anyone knows what could this mysterious error number could mean?
This failed for me with the error

The Fulfillment Creation process does not appear to be working properly. Check your action that updates the Adventure Package.

On review of the trailhead information (9/9/2016), there was no listed requirement to update the Adventure package. I suspect there was in the past and this had been lost in an update. 

I got around the error by updating: 
Fulfillment Created = True
Fulfillment State = Created

The requirements should be complete if you don't want to generate frustration within the trailhead audience.

Has anyone completed this trail? I am stomped on challenge number 3, regarding created the process for fulfillment. Any pointers or guidance would be appreciated.

Is there any setting that allows you to disable the Identity Confirmation  (the email activation link) sent to a user when logging in from a new computer?



  • March 17, 2010
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Hey all,


I'm trying to uncheck the active check box for a number of locations object records.


The setup of my objects is as follow:


Locations --> Hardware (Both are custom objects which have parent child relationship)


I have a related list of Hardware for every Location record.

And, location records have an Active check box status which identifies if that location is currently active or not.


The logic behind the Active check box:

It is assumed to be unchecked if there are no Hardware records in the respective Locations related list.

And, it is assumed to be checked if there is one or more Hardware records in the respective Locations related list.


I believe this is viable through the Triggers.


Any help or comment is appreciated.


Thank you,




I have been unable to mark the Trailhead module "Creating and Customizing Lightning Apps" as read. There is no assigned challenge, and it says to complete the module, it must be marked as read. I am signed in, and still unable to mark ad read. Any suggestions?