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Hi All,

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I have a vg page that has an actionFunction that calls an apex method from my custom controller. After running, there are a few components that are supposed to reload. However, what's happening is as follows:

1. The page starts to reload.

2. The apex method is called.

3. The components are NOT rerendered.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why that would happen?

Here is the relevant code:

1. ActionFunction tag:

  <apex:actionFunction name="undoEdit" action="{!undoEdit}" rerender="taskInfoDisplay, descInfo,fundraisingInfo, sysInfo,editButtons">
  <apex:param name="fieldToRollBack" value="{!fieldToRollBack}"/>



2. VF code that calls it:


<apex:commandButton image="xxx" onclick="undoEdit('Priority')" rendered="{!editState['Priority']}"/>



3. Apex Method:


public void undoEdit(){
		fieldToRollBack = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('fieldToRollBack');
		System.debug('the field is:' +  fieldToRollBack );
		//first check if this was edited
			System.debug('the field was changed');
				System.debug('this is a task field, rolling back. The current val: ' + myTask.get(fieldToRollBack) + '. The orig val: ' + origTaskVals.get(fieldToRollBack));
				System.debug('after putting, the val is: ' + myTask.get(fieldToRollBack))	;
			editState.put(fieldToRollBack, false);


Thanks in advance for your help!


  • March 28, 2011
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Our client requires a "Unified Search capability" for the end user abstracting underlying data sources - SFDC Content Documents, Chatter Feeds, Chatter Files, Documents, federated search (sourced from linked web sites). Apparently they are not satisfied with OOB search options and the fact that user has to go to sidebar search, content tab, document tab for different types of searches..

Is there any AppExchange solution which can provide such a search view?

Two key questions on proposed solution:

1. If we take the route of Visualforce based implementation - can we still leverage "full textsearch" on Content documents / Chatter files?

2. Is there a way in SFDC to customize - how SFDC calculates relevance score of search results?


 - Customer wants full text search on Document, Chatter files, Contents. Hence query #1 above.

 -  Customer wants to be able to configure search engine relevancy score (

Looking forward to get your insight and recommendation on this. Thanks

- Satgur