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I have experienced what has to be a bug in code coverage storage in salesforce.  I had 95% coverage of a class but when checking it, realised I could get complete coverage by adding another test method, which I did.  Now salesforce will only report the coverage from the last method run, although it states that all 5 methods have been passed!  What do I do now? I won't be able to deploy my code, which has to be deployed today to production.  It is reporting 59% because that it what the additional method (the only one it is now counting) covers.
When I look in the developer console at the test results, clicking on each method aside from the newest one shows blank in the code coverage pane.  I'm trying to run the tests again from the IDE instead of the Developer Console, but it is hanging as Not Responding.  The sandbox is a full sandbox on cs12. Has anyone else encountered this?