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Found something very odd.  Was testing some latency per this article:
And the ping with a size of 1400 was timing out.  But the others were fine.
Played around with it and found the magic line was:
ping -f -n 25 -l 1373 ssl.salesforce.com - PING times out
ping -f -n 25 -l 1372 ssl.salesforce.com - PING successful

Tried again later and the magic cutover was 1369-1370.  Anybody know why this is and if it's cause for concern?  I'm assuming it's some kind of dynamic limit SF has on their side of things to protect against DoS attacks or something or limit bandwidth in general, but if it's really super dynamic, they should at least set a floor and publish it so you don't go crazy trying to figure out if you've got a network problem or not.
Hi- I would like to know if there is any ways to find the when the sandbox got refreshed from the Sandbox itself. I know we can see the history in Production. But we have developers working who don't have production access and want to know the date of the last refresh.

Any idea?


Hello All,


Is it possible to query the storage limit of each org? Is it possible to also query how much of it is being used? I've looked in all the obvious places ($organization) and the docs. All I can find is this information displayed in the UI under company profile, but I would like to access this information programatically.



  • December 03, 2012
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