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I'm attempting a deployment using the migration tool and getting this:

“My_Object__c does not have history tracking enabled.”

Yet, from the object's xml: "<enableHistory>true</enableHistory>”

The object's metadata xml was extracted without modification from a sandbox org. Is there something else required in order to enable history tracking? 



I am new to using the Saleforce API.  I would like to know if it is posiible to get all events that track activities/actions performed by all users that belong to a organization.






Please help me in understanding the difference between Setup Audit trail and field history tracking in salesforce.



N. Barak

  • September 04, 2012
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If I got to Setup > Security Controls > View Setup Audit Trail it shows me the latest 20 entries in the Setup Audit Trail and then gives me a link to download.  The link points here...


The id is the SFDC Org Id.  I need to programmatically gain access to this log, there are three ways I see this being possible...

-Download the log a different way

-Find out what the CONFIRMATIONTOKEN is and how I can generate it

-Access the Setup Audit Trail directly somehow with out needing to download the full log


Do anyone have any insite into how I can make any of these three methods work?

In our SFDC instance, we have multiple System Administrator is there and multiple project is going on at same time.

at high level I want to see what are changes going on in the system directly from SFDC. 


I know "View Setup Audit Trail" but i feel it is not that user friendly, there is any other way or App available to monitor the same what audit tral provides?



Can we get last modified date for any field via describe call or is it getting stored in some sObject. I need to track last modified by user for any sobject.




Hi All,

I have a requirement of setting field history for one of the standard field in my Custom object. No doubt, I can clearly do it via Salesforce UI and not in .object file as we do for custom fields as mentioned below :



<full name>XYZ</full name>



I want to do it in the object file itself so that whenever I use ANT to build it,it should be done automatically and need not be a configurable option everytime I built in on a new org




I want to get the last modified date of a custom object definition in Apex or via WS.  Schema.DescribeSObjectResult doesn't have a method like getLastModifiedDate.  But this info is clearly available in the custom object definition detail page.  Is there anyway to get this in the Apex code?  Similarly I want to know the last modified date of a custom field definition, and I'm facing the same issue.


I also check the meta data API reference and cannot find anyway to get the last modified date of custom object definition.


Please point me to the right direction.




-Qin zhang

  • January 21, 2011
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