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Hello, In february I completed the trailhead challenges, but received no communications about my tshirt.  
I earned the first 2 badges well before the 28th of february. Did I miss something? 
How can i get my t-shirt?

Thank you for your support,
Ps. here is the text of the email i received inviting me to the challenge:
 Meet Trailhead, a fast and easy way to explore the basics of building cloud apps. Earn the first 2 intro badges by February 28, 2015 and you'll win a limited edition t-shirt! It's that easy to get started.

I understand the purpose of the governor limits.  I understand some of the limits themselves, such as heap size.  I do not understand many of them.  One I do not understand is a limit of 1000 for a List. It appears to be an indirect memory limit, which is a duplicate effort since there is already a heap limit, and counterintuitive since one element can be as small as an Integer or as large as a complex blob containing object. 


THE QUESTION:  If I need to insert 1600 rows, does this actually mean I have to create two lists, one with 1000 and another with 600 rows, which I then have to execute as two inserts?  Am I understanding this correctly?!?