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I have one number field that captures how many duplicate surveys we receive every month, entered by our data entry team. they would like that field wiped clean on the 6th of every month. I believe I will need to schedule an apex class to run on the 6th of every month. I am not sure how to write the apex class. Any ideas would be a great help.


I set up a process in process builder to execute fire tasks on a schedule. The process criteria is when a case is created or edited and the individual criteria node is when the status equals "Ready for Call" and does not equal "Closed - Completed". The actions are only executed when the specified actions are made to the record. The schedule is based 0 hours after a formula date field that calculates the next business day.

The scheduled actions work, but when I change the status to "Closed - Completed" the actions are still firing, even though the criteria is not met. This seems to be in contradiction to this documentation from salesforce:

For processes that are set to run when a record is created or edited, scheduled actions remain in the queue only as long as the criteria for those actions are still valid. If a record no longer matches the criteria, Salesforce removes the scheduled actions for that record from the queue.


Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance for the help.


I can't believe no one out there has wanted to do this but I've searched and searched and haven't found anything similar.  Specifically when converting a lead with an opportunity we'd like it to immedietly go to the add product page for the opportunity or at least just the page for the opportunity that was just created.  It seems like there should be some way to do this.  Something must tell it that it was just at the lead page and is now at the account page even if it's an existing account.  I just can't find how.  If anyone has any ideas on this I would love to hear them.