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Hi All,

There is a native IOS app and Salesforce1 app. Can we communicate messages between these apps either through SOAP API or REST API. 
Please let me know.


I am new to apex programming first. we are having standard objects like accounts,contacts,opportunities....

& we can create custom objects with the extension of "__c". I observed in the programming the sObject but i am not understanding clearly about sObject concept. Anyone can please help me at this part.

                                              Thanks, in Advance...

Hello All,


Like in java if we want to see the variable value while debuging  the code or after running the application


we put System.out.println('') statement to monitor the value on console.


In Apex how to monitor this value using System.debug since we dont have console here..


Can anybody tell me the way with simple example i.e Class with the only System.debug statement.