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Hi Every one I am stuck at a challenge for report and dashboard specialist super badge "The 'SolarBot Warranty Call Sheet' filter shouldn't be adjustable by users." how to remove this
Hi Everyone,

When we are executing my code we are getting compile error.code is mentioned below.Please check and let us know where we have made the mistakes in the Code.
for(Opportunity ot : scope){
              String Subject= (String)ot.get(Schema.OpenActivities.Description);            
                     for(OpenActivities OPA : ot.getSObjects('OpenActivities')){
                         for(OpportunityTeamMembers  optm: ot.getSObjects('OpportunityTeamMembers')){
Thanks in Advance
  • July 15, 2016
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Salesforce1 Mobile basics unit 5/5 - Creating Object-Specific Publisher Actions

I believe I have follwed the requirements explicitly, three times now.  Validated that the publisher action actually does what it's supposed to but the check from Trailhead returns an error.  
"Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
There was an unhandled exception. Error: NoMethodError. Message: undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass"
Error message

I have deactivated all Account triggers to insure there's not a conflict.
I have zero data validation rules on the Account object.
I have zero workflow rules on the Account object.
I have checked that all Approvals are deactivated.

Here are all of the components...

Update Account Information action
Publisher Layout
Account Detail publisher layout
Page Layout
Account Layout

Functional Results
Update Results

I'm quite anxious to complete this unit as it's the only one I have left.