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Need guidance. I am working on auto renewal functionality where when the end date is today and with few other conditions, the end date should be updated depending on the renewal term. I have created a Workflow rule that has time based actions to update record fields 2 hrs after agreement end date. Example if end date is today 2/9/2017 and it has auto renew checked and renewal term 2 years, then I want to have the record auto update the end date to 2/9/2019. Question,

1. Is WF is the best way to do this for a large data? We have over 50,000 records in the system which means all 50000 record will be in Time Based Workflow queue and execute only records that meet the criteria (thats is end date today). Is there any risk having so many records sitting in Time based workflow quueue? Will the system performance be impacted?
2. If WF is not the best way, what is the best way? I am new to coding so need some guidance.

I am playing with the translation workbench and a managed package.


It seems that you cannot rename the "Tab Name" and "Display Name" for a custom object when you install the package in an org where the translation workbench is enabled.


It works for any other field but not this one, the edit link is not displayed.


Is there a reason for this or did I miss something ?