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Devart is glad to present the new version of Skyvia - the web service for cloud data integration, backup, and management.

The new Skyvia version offers lots of new features for Import - a member of Data Integration toolkit for cloud and relational data. The new Import features include UPSERT support for all data sources, greatly improved Lookup functionality, data filtering support, importing data from several related source objects to one target object and much more. Read the full news here: https://skyvia.com/news/2016/skyvia41
Hi all,

We are currenlty importing data from an external system that dumps a csv file in a predefined network folder location. We engaged a SF Partner that basically wrote Java Scripts and using a Windows Task Scheduler to read the csv file and then import into SF and send a notificaitn email with the results. This is a very old-school way of doing data integration. I am looking for alternative ways of automatically importing data from csv files on a schedule (e.g. every day at 2PM). Or via API. I'd love to find out how others are doing it ...

Hi everyone,

Nowadays we've a trigger that fires an email to alert to send a survey to the customer 15 days after opportunity is Closed > Won. The next procedure we have is to go to google forms, send the surveys, get response/responses and import csv via dataloader. It's a simple survey with a 1 to 10 radio button field and a comments text area.

Already created in the Opportunity object, 2 custom fields (OPP Survey rating and OPP Survey comments), and we want to get those fields automaticaly populated once the person who received the survey responds to it.

Which is the best way to accomplish the above mentioned scenario?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Hi i am trying to upload some records in the case object so that i can run a report and create dashboard in trialhead: Visualizing Your Data

When i import data using Data Import wizard, i only get few object to choose from. is there any way i can upload some sample records in case and other standard object not listed in the icreenshot below. 

Thanks guys!
User-added image
Can we import opportunities using impor wizard? I think only Account, Contact , lead and solutions can be imported. The trailhead article on Data import says 'Opportunities can be imported' . Hence the question

Is there any way I can transfer my data from Salesforce to other tool(like ALM)?

I know that Dataloader can be used, but My problem is mainly with the documents(word,ppt,images etc.) associated with the records.How will I extract them?

Many thanks in advance :)

I know there should be one Back-end place in which the records are stored. Is there one direct way to retrieve the records?

Many Thanks & Best Regards,
Edward Chan



I am a newbie. I am looking to do integration between GP and SalesForce. 


Can somebody provide me starting inputs on how to go about it.

Any kind of documentation would help.




Hi all,


First off, I am impressed by the number of posts and responses this board gets, so I thought I would post in here for you geniuses and go getters.


I am trying to fit in live data from salesforce into excel forms, such as a product name from a record field in salesforce into the requested area on the excel form sheet. 


Is there an easy way to do this? If not easy, please try to make it as easy for me as possible : ).



SF Newbie

Hi friends,


I need some information about the integration of Salesforce and SQL server using Sql Server Integration Services. If you have done it before in you rprojects. Could you please share the following information with me:-


1. Challenges faced

2. Complexity of the Integration

3. Sample Code

4. Level of Coding Required

5. New functionality you came acsross


If you could also share the details about your the project and the type of integration that will also be helpful.

Hi all,


Im newbie in force.com, and i have a question, my question is that: i want to export list of object into CSV file using Apex. So please help me how to do this?