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Hi All,
Please help in resolving the field not writable issue being thrown in below code . The object and filed level sharing is being set appropriately

trigger AccountAddressTrigger on Account (before insert , before update) {
    System.debug('Welcome to the Triggers World');
    List<Account> lstAccount=new List<Account>();
    For (Account actNew :Trigger.New)
    if(actNew.BillingAddress !=NULL && actNew.Match_Billing_Address__c==true)
    insert lstAccount;

I'm going through the Trailhead quizzes, and I've come to the ones that say "Connect to your Developer Edition" in order to complete the quiz.  I have a Developer Edition account set up, but when I try to access it through Trailhead it gives me this message: "Houston, we have a problem... you are attempting to log into Trailhead to complete challenges with an org that isn't supported.  When you are completing Trailhead hands-on challenges, you cannot use a production or sandbox org...." Anways, I'm not sure how to complete the quizzes. (They are under Learn CRM Essentials)  Any insight is greatly appreciated! 

I am facing  problem During Completion of Trailhead Challenge ,Suddenly  "Check Challenge" button is not showing .In Developer Edition I am alredy loged in