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I have tried exporting data to excel using Visualforce and apex without multisheet. It works perfectly. But when I try to export data to multisheet excel it doesn't work. I'm getting `The file is corrupt or can't be open`. I referred following blogs, but none of them worked, all are having the same issue.
1. http://www.sfdcpoint.com/salesforce/export-excel-multiple-worksheets-visualforce/
2. https://eltoro.secure.force.com/CreateExcelFilesWithMultipleTabs

Hi All,

Following is my data model :

Event (Custom) ---> Child--->Grandchild

My requirement is to send an email alert to a user in a lookup of grandchild WHEN either a "Parent,Child or Grandchild is updated".
Any help on achieving this with a single trigger/workflow is greatly appreciated.(I believe we need to use more than one trigger /workflow for this)

I need to retrieve all the validation rules associated with a given object, using the REST API.

Looking in doc/forums, I've found that I could retrieve validation rules associated with an object using the following query:

https:///services/data/v35.0/tooling/query?q=Select Id,Active,Description,ErrorDisplayField, ErrorMessage From ValidationRule Where EntityDefinitionId = 'xxxxx'

The problem is that I don't have the object'ID needed to filter, I only have its name. Is there any way to filter using the object's name?

Another alternative seems to be getting the object'ID, but it seems that Metadata REST API (i.e. describe) does not return it.

Any help on this is very appreciated.