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We have requirement where we need to share Patient(Person Account) records with multiple Providers(Contact) in Community for them to update patient information. As OWD for Account is private Providers cannot access Patient. We created a Contact lookup(Provider1) on Account(Patient) and created a Sharing Set to share the patient with the provider. It works great. However a patient can have multiple(up-to 5) providers and we have to make patient available to all of them. Apparently, we can only create 1 sharing set per Community Profile. Has anyone run into this limitation and is there a work around?

Thanks in advance!

I got SFDC support to enable Person Account on one of our Sandbox, let's call it Dev1. Did the development on it and attempted to deploy the changes to our UAT sandbox, which also had the Person Account enabled, using Force.com IDE.
1. The Force.com IDE does not retrieve the Person Account record types when you open the Account.object file from Dev1 even after multiple refresh from server attempts. I've got the setting below in the package.xml too. Am I missing something?

2. I also get the following error for the page layout when I validate the deployment
# Deploy Results:
   Name:    unpackaged/layouts/Account-REC Marketing Individual.layout
   Action:  NO ACTION
   Result:  FAILED
   Problem: Layout must contain an item for required layout field: ParentId

Help appreciated. Thanks.