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When we are using the "external data object", the Salesforce doesn't use any space to store data ? Absolutely nothing ?

Thank you !!!

When we are using the "external data object", the Salesforce doesn't use any space to store data ? Absolutely nothing ?

Thank you !!!
Hi there,

Im writing a test class to cover a task trigger.  I have 73% code coverage currently.  The lines of code that i havent written a Test for are below, as im unsure how to write Tests for this.  Im very new to APEX.  Any help is much appreciated.  Many thanks.

 List<Id> OppIds=new List<Id>();
    for(Task t:trigger.new)
            if(t.whatId != null && String.valueOf(t.whatId).startsWith('006')==TRUE) //check if the task is associated with an Opp
                //System.debug('In here:' + t.whatid);
            }//if 2
        }//if 1
    map<id,Opportunity> OpptaskMap = new map<id,Opportunity>([SELECT Id, Situation__c, Forecast_Delivery_Start_Date__c, Forecast_Delivery_End_Date__c, Bypass_Validation_Rule__c, Problem__c, Implication__c, Need_Payoff__c , Involves_Active_Partners__c, Google_Drive_URL__c, StageName, (Select ID From OpportunityLineItems) FROM Opportunity WHERE Id IN :OppIds]);
    List<OpportunityContactRole> OCR = [select id from OpportunityContactRole where OpportunityId IN :oppIds];
    List<OpportunityPartner> OPartner = [select id from OpportunityPartner where OpportunityId in :oppIds];
Dear All,

I have confusion around deployment of my validated Change set on produciton.


The change set contains the existing classes, triggers, Test classes and custom objects, cusotm fileds, already on produciton. I have just changed the contents a bit on sandbox in these apex classes, triggers, and custom field, and have tested all on sandbox, created change set and uploaded it on produciton. then I have validated it there and validaiton is a success.

Confusion I have

Now, when I am about to delpoy to production org, I am thinking about the existing classess, triggers, test classes and custom fields, on the produciton org and is also a part of change set.

So When I will deploy this change set will it delete the existing ones on the production, or wil it overwirte them or will it create a new one. What will happen to the data already there in those exisitng fields.

It will be a great help if somebody can clear this confusion for me, as it is the first time I am with a change set with exisiting Apex classes and test classes, triggers and cusotm fields. Or can help me with some other means I can change the code on those classes in Production org.

I'm learning Salesforce using FOrce.com Fundamentals Book. I've to use Data Import Wizard to import Records from csv files. My queries -
1. I'm unable to import Hiring Managers (User field) for Positions object though the user record in the csv file exists in the Positions records.
2. I'm unable to import Job Applications using External Id - Email for Candidates. Error that I get for all records is - 

"","false","false","INVALID_FIELD:Foreign key external ID: george@schnell.com not found for field First_Name__c in entity Candidate__c:--"

Please guide me.
Thank you in advance,